Monday, November 07, 2005

Competition non-existent in Saskatchewan

A new survey by the CRTC says Sasktel is the only telco with 100 per cent residential market share.

According to a Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) survey released earlier this week, local competitors have made inroads on traditional phone company turf in every province but Saskatchewan.

In Alberta and Ontario, for example, the competitors now have about 8 per cent of the the local service market. In Manitoba and New Brunwick, the competitors' share is tiny: only 0.2 per cent.


Anonymous said...

Which is GREAT news for those of us loyal Saskatchewanians who believe in what the crown corporations are all about! Your are not winning the hearts and minds of the people. Clearly the constant right wing messaging from many sources (note how polite I am being)are NOT affecting the outlook of the good people of this Province. SaskTel rules!!! Down with the extreme right wing!!! If you don't like it here - maybe move to Texas or Schwartzenagerland!!

David MacLean said...

You mean like thousands of other people already have?

Shawn said...

It would be more impressive if they were able to acheive this in a competitive environment. As it sits, Sasktel is shooting fish in a barrel. Unfortunately, the NDP is unlikely to allow any competition lest their sacred cow be shown to have BSE.

Anonymous said...

In responce to the first post, I think that you are extreme, and not us. Your thoughts display fear and ignorance: fear of liberty, fear of competition, fear of free markets; ignorance in that you actually believe that state-monopolies work better than a true economy, and that only Texas or California allow competition. The truth is that Saskatchewan is the anamoly, along with Cuba and North Korea, whereas Texas and California are more the norm. Maybe you should move to Texas or California or Cuba or N Korea: you are destroying and disgracing the province you claim to be loyal to.

Anonymous said...

Lowest bundle of utilities in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you get what you pay for: a good example is SGI and PIPP: don't get injured in an MVA in SK, try for any other province! And while it may be cheaper for young men (and other high risk groups) to register vehicles in SK, this province has a higher rate of MVA deaths and injuries per capita, a fact that may or may not be attributable to lower rates. Also, try to remember that there is more to life than government subsidized phones and electricity! Lowest does not mean best! Vote for me, everything will be cheap, fear change, fear reality! government will take care of you! I will bribe you with your own money! You;re entitled to handouts, socialism owes you a living! ... I've seen it all before, most recently from Yanukovich. Most of the people that spout this nonsense actually know better, but they want power, so they do it.

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