Tuesday, November 01, 2005

BCTF Class Action Takes a Step Forward

The class action suit against the BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) moved forward today as claimants filed with the Labour Relations Board to get a declaration that the strike was illegal. In order to move forward with the class action, the strike first needs to be declared illegal. We hope to have a decision on that front in the next month or so. But the BCTF's deep pockets will likely stall and delay at every opportunity. Read today's news release and this morning's story.

Over 1000 people have logged on to our website and over 150 are ready to move forward with legal action. It's time to say enough to BC's powerful public sector unions and their willingness to shut down schools and hospitals.


jazzdude said...

And what did the other 850 have to say?

Chad Moats said...

Obviously a clear mandate.

Shawn said...

Good on the CTF. Rules are for everyone, even unions.

Anonymous said...

It is a clear mandate Moats.

Unions aren't above the law - not even in Saskatchewan (no offense)


Chad Moats said...

150 people out how may million parents is not a clear mandate.

Anonymous said...

Mandate? For what?

150 parents CAN sue if they so choose. Should the CTF turn their backs on those who were affected by this illegal action?

Is there a requirement for a certain threshold to enforce the law?

tommy douglas said...

Union guy Chad sees everything in terms of strike mandates. He only understands union speak.

All you need to sue someone is one single person.

Tommy Douglas said...

The other 850 probably didn't want to run the risk of having damages awarded against them (unlikely -- it was an illegal strike so they are entitled to compensation).

To get 150 people to sue the big teachers union is quite an accomplishment.

jazzdude said...

How many of you union bashers are actually from the province where the so-called "illegal" strike took place?

By the way - "illegal" = whatever the BC Liberals want it to be.

tommy douglas said...

Oh you mean the democratically elected BC Liberals? Elected twice in a row I might add.

jazzdude said...

Tommy Douglas, how quaint. Ignorance is bliss.

Anonymous said...

Actually gang, i'd probably be considered one of the 1000 people who were interested, however I don't even live in BC. I wanted to know if i could sue the BCTF for wasting 10 minutes of my life that I will never get back for reading about their illegal strike. That is a 10 minute period i could have put to better use. I'd so love to see the BC Teachers union be held responsible for breaking the law.

Anonymous said...


You've captured the essence of the issue.

Yes, governments make laws. This is their job and they are elected by the people to do that.

The BC CTF think they are above the law, and this class action suit seeks to remind them they are not.

To dare say that "the law is whatever the government says it is..." is to either a) disregard democracy, or b) advocate inequality before the law.

Which is it?

Josef said...

Atta-girl Sara :-).

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