Friday, October 14, 2005

What's this - a privately funded stadium

Yes, it's true. The City of Vancouver may soon have a brand new waterfront stadium that is 100% privately funded.

Note: That means no public - taxpayers - money will be used.

The owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team, Greg Kerfoot, is currently engaged in the application process to build a 15,000-16,000 seat soccer stadium near the waterfront SeaBus terminal in downtown Vancouver. Mr. Kerfoot plans to pay for the entire project - land and stadium.


David MacLean said...

My mind is blown. I have never even heard of a privately built stadium in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Sounds better than the Skydome Saga. Background:

1989: Built with $600-million of taxpayers' money.

2005: Sold to Rogers Cable for $25-million.

Who got the short end of that stick?

All together now, "Taxpayers did."

Anonymous said...

Actually, most are privately built.

In the U.S taxpayers paid the whole shot and probably still pay for the hot dogs.

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