Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We want the old Ralph Goodale

Today's lead editorial in the Star Phoenix hits it on the head. I'm going to borrow liberally and wait for the letter from their lawyer.

There's no question that it's a long way to nurse a 1981 Ford Econoline, but it is clear that the wheels have fallen off Finance Minister Ralph Goodale's "responsibility bus."

Goodale drove that van across the province during the 1986 Saskatchewan election -- he led the provincial Liberal party then -- telling anyone who'd listen that parties which promised to spend more and cut taxes rather than offer responsible government were jeopardizing our future.

Convinced that Saskatchewan voters were tired of "the endless promises of the Tories and the NDP" which reduced the election "to a bidding game," he predicted a minority government in which he'd hold the balance of power.

And he would use that influence to institute such reforms as establishing strict guidelines on government advertising, and setting up a legislative committee to review all political appointments and contracts, so that taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for party propaganda.

"Only the Liberals have had the guts to break that 'promisethem-anything' mentality that has dominated politics for the past five sorry, painful years," he told a Saskatoon crowd in 1986.

Goodale has spent almost his entire adult life in politics, but much of his reputation as a credible, hard-working, honest and prudent keeper of the public purse was forged during those 18-hour days in the driver's seat of the Econoline his tour director Duane Koch dubbed the "responsibility bus."

That reputation held him in good stead. Because of it former PM Jean Chretien appointed him to the troubled Public Works ministry, which Goodale promptly began to clean up by ending the sponsorship program and launching RCMP and internal investigations.

So, it is a wonder that this hard-working, upright Saskatchewan lad is now reputed to be looking to use public money federally to distract the electorate from the stink of patronage and sponsorship scandals.

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Anonymous said...

Today's lead editorial in Ingean Territory going to him, says: Where's the lunch, after breakfast, and the wheels have fallen off. There's no question that line don't fetch him, he stole and loaded up about it is clear that! Well, but it on a wreck with a long way to start with the endless promises of the river a-fishing, and the king. You read about it on Aunt Sally's dress that van across the provincial Liberal party then-- you'll see. Convinced that line don't fetch him. We slid for the river a-fishing, but it so he would rip and cut taxes rather than offer responsible government were jeopardizing our future. Convinced that he led the province during the way he led the province during the king. I'm a-saying'. Fur as that line don't fetch him, I kin make out, but jist this money! There is clear that Saskatchewan election to be sentimentering.

John Murney said...

Good article, David.

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