Monday, October 03, 2005

Wait Times in Canada the Longest in the World

For knee and hip replacements, Canada's has the longest wait times in the world. Anyone who has a loved one that needs this type of surgery know full well the pain caused by our inhumane wait times.

So much for accessible health care.


Shawn said...

Let's inject a little choice into healthcare. Let people purchase private plans (in the case of the poor, let gov't buy a private plan like in Fla.) and wholly deduct insurance costs from taxes.

David MacLean said...

To not ALLOW choice is unethical. But to some, the end justifies the means.

Union Member said...

Choice only for the wealthy !!

len pryor said...

When something on my farm is not paying or not working I have to change something or my business will go under. This is due to the fact that I have limited supply of money. On the other hand it seems the managers of our health system will hold onto their jobs no matter how badly they screw up. So it's easier for them to to blunder along spending other peoples money on a system that obviously doesn't work than to come up with a fix. How the hell do they know private insurance and health care doesn't work if they won't try it?

Union Member said...

They have, look south, look pre-1960s or the UK.
The problems in these systems are far greater then our own.
Do you advocate the country be run like a business ,for profit !
You sure ?

Shawn said...

Take a real close look at the NHS in the UK and you'll finds it mirrors the CDN model in all its problems. By the way, it is already being run like a business in a sense. Waiting lists are the result of rationing care (only enough funds for 250 ortho surgeries this year, limiting access to new technology, etc.). There are lots of alternatives that would dramatically improve healthcare over the next decade or so, but it has been made such a hot potato that hardly anyone has the guts to say the right thing. I mean Tommy Douglas had premiums as part of the SK system, but no criticism for that. Ralph Klein introduces them and is called all sorts of vile names.

Union Member said...

They have 2 tier medicine in the UK. Where 30% of the medical professionals care for 10% of the population, in private care, vs. 70% of professionals caring for 90% of the people. The two tier care has actually put increased strain on the NHS making more costly, longer lines, etc.
I would the problem with our health care system is perception and misuse(which I have ideas to handle). Our system is very efficient with the human resources available but all medical systems are suffering through lack of staff.

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