Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Venezuela following a very dark path

From BBC.

The Venezuelan government has warned it will confiscate hundreds of private companies that are lying idle if they fail to re-open.

President Hugo Chavez said the firms' workers would be given help to set up co-operatives and re-start production for the benefit of the community.

He said the move was needed to fight poverty and end Venezuela's dependence on "the perverse model of capitalism".

Some business leaders fear it may lead to a wider attack on private property.

'Perfectly productive'
Speaking on his weekly television programme, Mr Chavez said the measures were necessary.

"It's against our constitution," he said. "Just as we cannot permit good land to lie uncultivated, so we cannot allow perfectly productive factories to stay closed."

Gee, where have we heard this before? This is why Chavez and Mugabe make such a good couple.
(hat tip: Shawn)


PA grizzly said...

There are a lot of socialists who revel in Chavez' exploits. They just eat it up. In the coming years they will stop laughing when they see his final solution.

Shawn said...

Actually, they probably won't. Look at the various failed regimes in the past Cambodia, Cuba, the USSR, North Korea, etc. There is always some weak explanation for why that particular "popular movement" didn't last. Unfortunately, socialists of all stripes are unable to admit that the underlying principles which they clamor in support of are fatally flawed.

Gordon said...

"when they see his final solution."
Wow , you must be a Pat Robertson fan, Evil Evil Chavez' elected democratically over 11 times, evil Chavez changing his system of governance and giving oil profits to citizens to build schools and hospitals etc, having land reform. Oh the evil one, so evil the public keeps electing him. So evil the public would not allow a US coup to over throw him, not a good Christian like Bush, Hey grizzly, who would Jesus Bomb , sorry to interrupt you FOX news.

Gordon said...

After the elites and US tried unsuccessfully to throw him out via the coup they tried a general
strike that failed. Now they are shutting down companies etc, Basically Chavez has said open your
companies or else we will. Very scary when the elite class lose their power, get used to it.

PA grizzly said...

Democratically elected doesn't mean hes a nice guy. You should know, yer the anti-bush guy.

Shawn said...

Gordon, try punctuating a little bit. It makes it easier to try and separate the occasional point you might make from all the ad hominem attacks.

Anonymous said...

Chavez is like Mugabe, but with oil.

Shawn said...

"Land reform" worked ever so well in Zimbabwe, didn't it? Such a nice sounding concept, but in reality it almost always leads to big trouble. Hugo's buddy Robert has converted Zimbabwe from a net exporter of food into a wasteland like North Korea. Pretty amazing for only 4-5 years work. It might take Chavez a little longer on account of the oil, but the end result will be the same as always.

tommy douglas said...

Actually, gordon, we need a little land reform here. When will we allow indians to own their own property???? when????

Dunedain said...

Chavez is a villain. Why would he want to purchase nuclear technology from Argentina? Obviously to sell this technology to terrorists to use on the United States. If that isn't evil, well, liberals see good as evil, and evil as good - so what would one expect?

John Murney said...

Chavez is nothing like Mugabe. Mugabe is squeezing democracy out of Zimbabwe, and is a dictator. Chavez is freely and democratically elected.

Tommy Douglas said...

So was Hitler, John.

I hope you aren't on the Chavez bandwagon John. His oil industry is probably the most environmentally unsound in the world. He makes us look like a bunch of tree huggers. On your blog you talk about him warning about "peak oil."

Hmmmm.....why would chavez want panick in the marketplace?

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of election fraud John? Who used his military to retain power?

Anonymous said...

Liberals don't mind election fraud. The rule of law is expendable from the liberal point of view. That is what separates capitalists from socialists. We believe in the rule of law. Liberals love tyranny and they love tyrants. Hence the liberal creation the United Nations - which gives legitimacy to tyrants.

Anonymous said...

The rule of law is expendable in the mind of liberals. Capitalism believes the rule of law is fundamental to a prosperous and free society. Socialists prefer to replace one tyranny with another.

Shawn said...

John, I agree with you quite often but have to differ on the Chavez-Mugabe bit. The point of the article is that Chavez is starting to employ very similar tactics to what Mugabe began about 5 years ago. Back then, very few speculated that Mugabe would end up a raving psychopath ravaging his own people, but here we are. I fear the same fate awaits Venezuelans.

Regarding the elections, Mugabe is merely much more blatant about committing electoral fraud.

tommy douglas said...

It's against the venezuelan constitution to have land uncultivated? WTF?

Gordon said...

LOL,. sorry to bring some facts to the red neck rant. Unlike Mugabe , Chavez has been democratically elected time and time again, are you actually saying that he has committed election fraud 11 times even with the last election having 1000's of international monitors on hand. No one on the hemisphere has
more popular support than Chavez, their were 500,000 people in the streets when the US tried their dirty coup, it failed and that's what upsets you right wing nuts. Unlike Bush in 2000 Chavez won the popular vote, and this is the crutch of the issue, the coup failed, the general strike failed, and now the business elites
little trick is failing, if you don't want to run your business the gov will, the fact is the country is rich in oil
and is trying an alternative system that is basically returning power to the people and not business elites like your hero's over at the Fraser institute. Let me put this out to your psycho's, should we use military
intervention where democratically elected leaders are ruling for the majority.

John Murney said...

The only reason you all don't like Chavez is because he is not to the right of Genghis Khan, like the previous generation of Latin American leaders.
After Chavez is nothing like Hitler - he is not rounding up people and putting them into concentration camps and exterminating them. Hitler and Chavez don't even speak the same language; Hitler spoke German, and I think Chavez speaks Spanish.

The only fraud committed in Venezuela was by the corporate-backed opposition, when they lead a violent military coup against Chavez and started slaughtering people. The 2000 coup against Chavez was captured in the Irish documentary "This Revolution Will Not Be Televised". If you have the time, it would be worth your time to rent it.

To be sure, Chavez is no boy scout. It is difficult to claim Venezuela and Venezuelans are moving ahead under Chavez's leadership. Personally, I think Chavez should not be antagonizing the White House, but perhaps I am in the minority opinion on that.

Given Ayatollah Pat Robertson's called for the assassination of Chavez, I am a little concerned about the intense criticism Chavez has come under recently.

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