Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This can' t go unposted

From the Ottawa Sun.

The federal government has paid out tens of millions of dollars in rent for a piece of land in Vancouver that remains vacant 31 years after a lease was signed with the Squamish First Nation.

The bill to taxpayers could top $1 billion by the time the deal expires in 2045, a Conservative MP charged yesterday.

"This is more Liberal waste, incompetence and another terrible burden on Canadian taxpayers," Vancouver MP John Reynolds said in the Commons.

Reynolds alleged a federal project on the land was concocted in an unsuccessful effort to keep the old riding of Capilano Liberal in the 1974 election.

Environment Minister Stephane Dion accused Reynolds of "giving false numbers" on the potential cost to taxpayers over the 71-year lease.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Teddy nominee?

David MacLean said...

You think? I think the Academy will give this a good look.

Anonymous said...

Chretien signed the original lease.

Bruce Randall said...

How much money does the Squamish Band donate to all federal political parties? I'd sure like to see a break down of that.

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