Monday, October 24, 2005

Tax cuts almost definitely, for sure, for real, honestly on the agenda

Canoe says...

OTTAWA (CP) - Prime Minister Paul Martin says federal tax cuts are definitely on the minority Liberal government's agenda and independent forecasters say they're affordable.

Martin says tax cuts are part of any plan to boost productivity and living standards. And forecasts conducted for the Commons finance committee all say the federal government will be reaping multibillion-dollar surpluses in the next few years.

The government is said to be looking at tax cuts as part of a plan to encourage more economic growth and better incomes for Canadians.

With surplus forecasts ranging from $10 billion to almost $12.5 billion, forecasters say taxes could be lowered without risking a deficit.
They really, really mean it this time.

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David MacLean said...

anyone with skilz want do some photoshop magic on that picture?

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