Friday, October 14, 2005

Tampon tax idea is "outright theft"

From the Ottawa Sun..

An NDP MP is accusing the Tories of ripping a page from her party's platform by floating the idea of cutting tax on tampons.

"That's outright theft," charged Judy Wasylycia-Leis after reports suggested the Conservatives are considering a policy to scrap the GST on tampons.

"This is very, very strange. I guess they're so bereft of good ideas that they have to steal from the NDP."

If there is anyone who knows ANYTHING about having their ideas stolen it's the Conservatives -- especially former members of the Reform Party. Get over it.


Chad Moats said...

The funny thing is that this is the extent of the Conservative Party's Women's Platform. Sad indeed.

Ross said...

OK moats, you drew me. What should a good women's platform include?

Chad Moats said...

Ross, if you don't know, try reading a book , an article or maybe try talking to one.
HINT: It's not the right to be bare foot and pregnant.

Shawn said...

Lower taxes, concealed carry laws, and tax credits instead of Liberal indoctrination/childcare programs.

Chad Moats said...

As much as chicks with guns is appealing. I don't think you get it. Anyways good luck, your mail order bride is on the way.

John Murney said...

A childcare agenda would be in order, and not necessarily one operated by government. We daycare services, just not one run by the state, thank you very much.

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