Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Strength in numbers

I know you are all planning to join the CTF.


Union Member said...

Join a Union !!
Strength in Numbers !!

Shawn said...

If only union membership were voluntary! People really should have some choice in the matter.

Anonymous said...

You can not 'JOIN' the Canadian Taxpayers Federation! That is a myth! All you can do is give them your money. There are NO annual meetings - no membership meetings. This is the well hidden truth from this group! They have a SMALL group of 5 or so 'members' who hand pick the 'board of directors' - Phony as a 3$ bill. Come on tell us what you actually 'join' this outfit!

David MacLean said...

Wow...I had no idea! Really?

The reality is we have more than 70,000 supporters across the country. Our Board of Directors is selected by our CEO. We have no annual meetings. Those who like what we are doing support us, those who don't choose not to.

This is actually progress. The old NDP talking point was that we have NO board of directors. Then we had NDP Finance Minister Van Mulligen in to meet with our board. Now the argument is that we have only 5 members and our board of directors are "hand picked."

You know you're successful when your opponents start cooking up conspiracy theories.

And that, folks, is the last time I address the moonbat conspirazoids.

observer said...

The board is selected by the CEO?

No Annual General Meetings?

There's democracy in action.

I note you say "supporters" and not members.

If you have no members and no annual general meetings, how do you retain your corporate status?

There has to be at least one member or shareholder and annual general meetings for there to be a corporation - it's the law.

You are obviously not providing the same kind of full disclosure here that you demand from government.

Maybe you should adhere to the same principals of freedom of information that you demand from government.

Anonymous said...

The reality is, if you are not honest about our inability to 'JOIN' the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, how can we assume you are being honest in your other statements and positions. Honesty is a virtue and is the best business practice (unless you are flogging something inferior - hence dishonesty is critical to your 'sale').

Union Member said...

Yeah don't say, interesting .
Who selects the CEO ?
And this is an example of a better system then unionization, for whom ? At least you can join a union.
What are you doing with the tax you collect/dupe from people ? How much has your CEO in expenses this year ? salary ?
Are you accountable to your donors ? how ?
Do they have a say in policy ?
Do you hold donor meetings ?
I early await your reply Msr. Maclean.

David MacLean said...

Correction: The board picks new board members.

Look, people vote with their chequebooks. It's the ultimate form of accountability.

We're not like union thugs who coerce membership and dues as a condition of employment.

David MacLean said...

Further, if you can't stick to the topic at hand, your comments will be spiked.

Anonymous said...

Yes, unions FORCE people to join.

My Grandpa always said unions protect lazy people from the real world, i.e. the give and take of the labour market. Special interests are just that: the fiefdom of a few expensed by the many.

I think I will join the CTF as they actually fight for the common interest.

Union-lovers can go ahead and pay their head honcho a six-figure salary; I'd rather give it to someone who's fighting for all us taxpayers. (some 15-million according to Revenue Canada)

Go CTF! You guys do great work, and don't let these naysayers get ya down.

Must be nice to sit around all day surfing the 'net while we're at work! Great life you got eh!

Anonymous said...

I will 'join' the CTF when:
-I can actually be a member with a vote and have the ability to attend an annual meeting and see a financial statement (all NORMAL expectations of any association)
-have it made very clear how the CTF runs on a concept of paying commission to those who sell 'memberships'
-finally disclose how the CTF (which was originally the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Federation) were initially funded in 1989/1990 with funds from a previously undisclosed source in Saskathewan.
Mr. McLean can rant and rave - but...

David MacLean said...

My how the NDP spend their time.

No more of the conspiracy crap will be tolerated.

Actually, I will just answer your question. The money to start the organization did not come from a grass roots political movement against Grant Devine and Brian Mulroney, it started with a grant from the Elders of Tralfamadore.

Our God, The Vonnegut, has instructed us to carry out our operations until the resistance is defeated.

Now you have it.

Union Member said...

Threats and coercion of dissenting and critical views.
Now that's not very democratic Dave, is it ?

john said...

what's the big deal with having AGM? It seems so obvious for accountability. What's there to hide from? I think the CTF should do this in the future. I'd attend, it might be informative.

David, can the board pick members from supporters at large, or how do you get to be a board member? I'd be interested.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Union Member et al, enough is enough.

I am a supporter of the CTF. I give them my hard earned money because I believe in what they stand for. If you don't, then you obviously won't give them your money and that is your right.

In Canuckistan, free enterprise and free market groups are far less prevalent than big government, union-loving lefty groups, so why not just leave them be and support who you wish.

There is no need to simply sit on this blog and be a stick in the spokes just out of spite.

Further, the CTF is very accountable, and open. Often, I've had questions to ask the communications guys and they get right back to me. Further still, CTF supporters are shown a full audited financial statement each year.

Yes, they fundraise. Yes, they pay their staff. Yes, they rely on the modest donations of tens of thousands of Canadians who feel as though their tax dollars just aren't being used the way they would like. SHOCKING I KNOW!

Debating ideas is what democracy is all about. But you guys are obviously just here to be the stick in the spokes for everything posted on here.

I enjoy this blog immensely. I am glad the CTF started it and look forward to visiting it daily. You guys have every right to be here, but if all you do is sh** disturb all day, whats the point?

Quit wasting your time and go hug a tree.

observer said...

old growth or softwood?

Anonymous said...

Well, since CTF supporters believe in real choice, I'd say take your pick:)

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