Friday, October 07, 2005

The spending binge continues

When will this stop? Another $1.5 billion set to be shot out of Ralph Goodale's cannon. This time the target is starving students.

Now, maybe I'm old fashioned, but whatever happened to good old student loans? Many of us squeezed through school with little or no outside help knowing full well that university education is already heavily subsidized (75 per cent) by the government.

OTTAWA -- The federal government is preparing a wide-ranging financial program aimed at helping low-income students, aboriginals and other Canadians gain access to postsecondary education as part of a multi-pronged plan the Liberals hope to introduce this month.

The money would come from a $1.5-billion two-year pot of cash earmarked for education in the budget deal agreed to by Prime Minister Paul Martin and NDP Leader Jack Layton last spring. The government hopes to introduce the measures in an economic update from Finance Minister Ralph Goodale later this month.


Shawn said...

With spending like this, Jack Layotn might as well be running the country. People need to understand that higher education (be it university, trade school, professional schools) is an investment, not a right. Suck it up, get a loan and pay it off when you get a job. Seems to have worked OK for all the people I went to school with, no defaults despite some lean times initially.

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely incorrect. Students pay 33% of education costs in Saskatchewan. David, this is false information.

David MacLean said... figures were off by 8 per cent!

Depends on who you talk to and it varies by province, and this is a national program.

Union Member said...

Shawn your right. A well educated work force is unecessary, maybe even inefficient. If they don't want to pull themselves up by their boot straps them let wallow.
Because I want my $10 a week that goes to post-secondary education.That way I can rent a movie and get ice cream,every week.
Hey, you catch more flies with honey ...

tommy douglas said...

I'm not sure if you have spent a lot of time in Calgary, but it's one of the nicest cities in Canada.

I'm sorry but I would take downtown calgary over downtown slumville winnipeg any day of the week.

bing said...

The one thing many people don't realize is the class that benefits most from free-tuition. no its not your low income folk, and guess again, its not the middle class either. If you look at the studies you will see that the upper class benefit the most under free tuition. and so the real irony is how all the socialist, left-wing supporters call for free tuition, and what they are really doing is trying to make the rich get richer. Sure seems to make sense to me.
Post-secondary education is a privilege, its the best investment you will ever make, better than a car, better than a house. We would never ask the government to buy us a house (well, maybe union member would) so why are people asking them to pay for all the tuition?

give me strength.

Shawn said...

And if you take that $10 per week and put it aside for your own child's education in 18 years you should have a decent little nest egg to get them off on the right foot.

Why is it so hard for folks to figure out that when the government "gives" you something, it is usually of lower quality and higher cost than you could obtain on your own with savings and some financial discipline.

Union Member said...

Same arguments when they instituted the free public system.
Imagine the extra money being spent in the economy by parents and students. Post-sec is necessary for a quality existence, make it free and accessible.

Union Member said...

Shawn how often you have to replace your boot straps because you must be pulling on them a lot.
Can't you see that the $10 is going to the same damn thing, whether you save it or its taxed. You also assume that one can afford that $10, what if that means your kids can have a baloney sandwich for lunch each day or post-sec education. Tough choice, they don't eat.. they won't do well in school so no use saving.
Not everyone lives a life of a PC and internet or an income that leaves them with a surplus each month.
Try walking a mile in their shoes.

bing said...

I am so tired of people thinking that post-sec is a necessity. Since when? education is a necessity, but why send kids to a university when they don't want or need to go. Many people are happy and earn great money in the trades, so don't attempt to brainwash people that post-sec is a necessity. and since when are necessities free? should gov'ts be instituting free food for everyone? i'm sure we'd all be happy if everyone ate the same thing every single day of our lives. yes, lets walk a while in those shoes.

Union Member said...

I never said university, I said post-secondary, it means after High School.

Anonymous said...

8% of a 105$ million budget is 8.4$ million. that's a fair bit to be "off". and "who you talk to" happens to be university budgets. or is that not accurate enough info for the ctf.. must it come from the fraser institute to be legit...

point being, students have never contributed more to their education. why when chambers of commerce and everyone else is calling for more investment in training and skills would this be a bad thing?

len pryor said...

The 1.5 billion for education is ok. It should be made available in the form of student loans that are adequate to allow the student to pursue their chosen courses without having to resort to part time work in order to survive. Studying for post secondary education is a full time job in itself. Interest should be at prime and should start as soon as the student either graduates or stops his/her course of studies. Interest on student loans should be a tax deductable expense. When people make the payments on their student loans the money should go back into the student loan fund. After about six years the student loan fund/pool whatever you wish to call it should almost fund itself. As population increases, some money would have to be added to the education fund to accomodate the increase in student population, but that should be easily affordable.

No way should post secondary education be free.

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