Friday, October 14, 2005

Sask: Gormley on absenteeism

The discussion on Gormley has turned toward the role of we're getting somewhere.

Update: Barring any changes, I'll be talking about government absenteeism on Charles Adlers's national show at around 2:40 Mountain time.


Chad Moats said...

Your spinning your numbers, Dave. You have not even looked into whether there is an overall increase in illness, province wide, or compared it to any other business/government. Is it not commendable that the majority of Sask gov't and crown corp. employees do not use 40% of there sick days.

bing said...

I think all problems in Saskatchewan can be traced back to unions. Hell, even labour problems in Alberta can be traced back to a Saskatchewan union. Yesterday in Brooks, AB, at a labour dispute between Tyson foods and their so-called "union" (although I don't consider a union to be in place if only 30% of the workers want it) however, it is the Saskatchewan supporters who showed up that caused the problems.

Anonymous said...

I agree, unions are like slinky's, they're completely pointless, but they sure are fun to push down a flight of stairs.

Anonymous said...

as far as sick days go, perhaps some of the increase is due to a public service that is getting older, a large percentage of employees are hitting that 45 -55 age bracket where health problems show up, and they are serious health problems that require more than 1 or 2 days sick leave to fix, ie heart surgery, secondly a reduction in the civil service and an increase in workloads will increase the use of stress leave.

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