Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sask: CTF on the air

For Saskatchewan residents, I'll be on CJME and CKOM with David Kirton at around 5:15.

You can listen live at

David Dingwall may or may not be discussed...


bing said...

50 bucks if you spontaneously break into song...I hear you play a mean guitar.....
But alas, us poor Albertans won't get to bear witness to your propehtic wisdom this evening!
preach on brother!

Union Member said...

Typical rhetoric. I love CJME's "neutral" reporting. They make FOX look middle of the road.

The Surly Beaver said...

I can't vouch for his guitar playing skills, but D-Mac is something of an music critic. As well, he has occasionally been known to drink beer with NDPers and Communists. Of course here in Saskatchewan you would have to be a teetotaller not to drink beer with NDPers and Communists from time-to-time as this province is chock full of them. Of course I have now ruined his reputation. hehe

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