Thursday, October 06, 2005

Sask: Calvert leaves door open to Weyerhauser bailout

Weyerhauser to Calvert: It's not you it's me

Calvert said Weyerhaeuser's decision to close the two plants was not due to Saskatchewan corporate income or capital taxes, which are among the highest in the country.

"What they have said to us is that the decision that they've made is not related to any particular tax condition in Saskatchewan. It's related entirely to market issues and the Canadian dollar.''


Shawn said...

Not that a lower corporate tax regime would allow export-based companies to weather fluctuations in markets and the dollar any more effectively, right?

Union Member said...

Do you not think that Weyerhauser would have stated that in their announcement ?

The difference in our corporate tax vs. AB is a few mere per cent. as well, according to recent surveys of large corporations taxes were not in top 5 reasons for choosing a location.

I agree that certain business taxes should be cut and some raised, in this manner.
5,000+ employees(not CDN,not SK)-30%
5,000+ employees( CDN,not SK)- 25%
5,000+ employees( CDN, SK)- 20%
1,000-4,999 employees(not CDN,not SK)-25%
1,000-4,999 employees( CDN,not SK)-20%
1,000-4,999 employees( CDN, SK)-15%

100-999 emp.(not CDN,not SK)-20%
100-999 emp.( CDN,not SK)-15%
100-999 emp.( CDN, SK)-10%

<100 emp.(not CDN,not SK)-15%
<100 emp.( CDN,not SK)-10%
<100 emp.( CDN, SK)-5%

Tax breaks to those who need them,not multinationals.

bing said...

ah, the Union mentality. Just like how we see MERFing where union members actually have to pay part of their salary towards a fund just so that Unions can be competitive with non-union companies? I have an idea, how about looking for cost-effective efficiencies in your own shop, instead of subsidizing a lower proposal?

as for Weyerhauser, they also closed a mill down in Grand Cache, Alberta about 2 years ago. So Saskatchewan is lucky they even lasted this long.

And Union-members should be careful in their criticism of multi-nationals. after all, I do believe more union-folk are employed by multinationals, then not. So where's the solidarity brother?

John Murney said...

How appalling.

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