Friday, October 14, 2005

Sask: Cabinet gets bigger

Two new cabinet members have been announced.

Eldon Lautermilch, spudco architect (the man who deceived the public by saying that government wasn't picking up the tab for Spudco and was fired for it. I still recall Premier Calvert sayin "Minister Lautermilch ought not to have written that letter), is back in cabinet as Minister of Highways.

Graham Addley is now Minister of Living Healthy or something ridiculous along those lines.

Good grief. Government is bigger, but will any taxpayer feel a difference?


Anonymous said...

Leutermilch is also in charge of the "pulp fiction" group in PA pretending to do something about Weyeraueser leaving: and a fine group of potatoe heads he has to help him! it includes 2 union reps, (with Lautermuilch, these are the clowns that drove the co out of town) and the lady in charge of the children's haven, in order to "give a voice to the children" or some such politically-correct babble. In the short term, PA is doomed. And how can anyone outside of Sk take us seriously with a discredited 38 million $ potatoe head in charge of highways etc..? If you were looking to invest, would you trust this guy and his banana-republic-like rabble? Help!

This is all good news for Alberta and Manitoba and BC etc... bad news for the Sk Socialist Museum/Experiment that is Calvert's province.

John Murney said...

I knew a cabinet shuffle was coming, but not this soon.
I'm not surprised by the Lautermilch move - PA has been without a cabinet minister now for almost 2 years, which was very unpopular in the PA area. Now that the city is losing the pulp and paper mill, the spotlight will shift to Lautermilch. Given what anonymous had to say, it will be a very interesting situation, indeed.

Addley is a bit of a surprise. His political career has been unremarkable until now.

With no one being dropped from cabinet and two faces being added, it is a sign that all is not well within the Calvert Government. Obviously, egos needed to be stroked, and peace needed to be maintained.

I have one other observation; a larger cabinet will be more difficult for Calvert to manage, ie. decision making will take longer.

Chad Moats said...

Possibly just possibly, it could have been that two major issues for the electorate are roads and addictions (meth), so they insured that these issues got individual attention instead of being dropped on another ministers lap. This is what the people want, these are the important issues, today. Looks like a government responding to its citizens demands. Democracy in action.

Anonymous said...

Democracy in action?

The maybe the Calvert NDP should increase cabinet by a few more ministers: we need to have a Minister for Population Growth! And a huge beuraucracy to go along with it, employing thousands! And they should give Chad a job! And we need a Minister to Prevent Government Waste and Boondoogles such as Spudco. This should also be a lerge depsrtment, employing hundreds. I think that there are a few NDP backbenchers left, one of them, maybe two, should be appointed to run this important portfolio. And maybe we can lobby the feds to help fund these bold new initiatives! And keep taxing our productive, working segment of society, (which is shrinking in Sk), and keep using our non-renewable natural resources to finance these bold and progressive democratic functions.

Anonymous said...

how big was Devine's cabinet?

exactly. stop thinking Tories are above anyone. You don't think Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Tories wouldn't have a huge cabinet? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Wall is not Devine. Calvert is not Romonow. Socialists are not Conservatives. And the Conservatives of today are not the PCs of the 80's. Size of cabinet be damned, the real question is: is what Calvert doing make any sense? Is it good or bad for Sakatchewan?
It seems that the answer you dippers have for everything is: Devine! ergo that bizarre and hypocritical Atkinson statement a few days ago about gas prices. Grow up and stop obfuscating! Live in today!
Your defence of Calvert's cabinet is that Devine would do the same? Was not Calvert's move cynical and self-serving? Is not the new highway minister every but as tainted as those Diviners convicted? I say confine them all to the dustheap of history, the sooner the better.

Chad Moats said...

MInister of Population Growth .. hmm.. if that is a priority ? and the majority think it needs to be addressed by an individual in the executive then by all means appoint one. Minister of Government Waste, same deal. If it is to be make it so.

Anonymous said...

Chad, I don't think tht you get satire. And you don;t know the difference between an analogy and a metaphor.

Anonymous said...

reminding people about Devine's 14 billion dollar deficit is not just left up to the NDP.
the CTF itself fought that one. What a waste of money, we're paying, what, $500 million a year to service Devine's debt?
How Tories aren't mad about that really frustrates me.

Anonymous said...

I for one am mad about the Devine debt. But you should also remember that 15 years ago, AB had more debt than us. Also remember the Calvert years, and how spending has gone up by more than 25% in the last few years, how Calvert has used the "Fiscal Stabilization Fund" to pretend we aer not running a deficit when we are already billions in debt; and also how Broadbent incurred debt. Get over your Devine fixation; get a new excuse! And why is our debt not going down when times are so good? Why are we merely selling our natural resources, and not investing in any significant infrastructure or debt releif? Stop thinking small, Devine is all you have, that's pathetic. He sucks, so does Calvert, you should grow up, you fixated on the 80's with a 1960's idealogy bought and paid for hippy.

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