Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Red faces in Sask Finance

From the Star Phoenix...

That wasn't good enough for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF), which said the manager should be fi red to send a message to the provincial civil service.

"It just reinforces in the minds of so many taxpayers that bureaucrats live in a little bubble separated from the average day-to-day reality of Saskatchewan residents," said the CTF's David MacLean. "There's a culture in all governments that bureaucrats are entitled to certain perks and privileges."

Finance spokesperson Mike Woods said the employees involved were part of the audit division in the revenue section of the department. The employees are not connected with the provincial auditor's offi ce, the watchdog of government money.

It's so ironic that it need not be said.


Chad Moats said...

Though this happens in the corporate world ,quite regularly. A government department should be held to a higher standard. I could see granting a vacation day or two to attend the events in question but anything beyond that should not be covered.

Shawn said...

In the corporate world, people have the option of selling stock or terminating/not renewing business relationships if they feel the management is subpar. Unfortunately, taxpayers do not have this luxury. the only recourse is to try and vote in a government which will try to reign in absurd behaviour as in this case.

Anonymous said...

Remember that these people worked for the finance department: it seems medeival, the tax collectors in Saskatchewan parting at taxpayer's expence.

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