Friday, October 28, 2005

Mayor Miller's Soccer Stupidity

October 28 2005
Soccer Stupidity

Here’s a multiple choice quiz. If you could choose a budget priority for Toronto, would it be:

A) Filling potholes and fixing crumbling roads
B) Putting more police on the streets to reduce gun violence
C) Adjusting property tax rates to offset skyrocketing evaluations
D) Building a soccer stadium

If you were Toronto City Council, on October 27th you chose D). Yes, dear taxpayer, you read that right...

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Chad Moats said...

Isn't the stadium part of the arrangement for FIFA's U21 Soccer World Cup, a major international event!
Why was that missed in your press release ?
If Toronto ever wants to host the Olympics it needs to show it can host a major event. Since when is wrong for a government to spend money on increasing people's leisure activities or are you against leisure time ?

David MacLean said...

Yes, yes we are.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moats,

Based on your incessant badgering of Mr. MacLean and general support for wasteful spending and special interests, one could certainly accuse you of taking a little too much leisure time.

You are one of those loafing, clock-watchers, who sprint to the parking lot right at 4 o'clock aren't you?

Still waiting to hear what you do, and your employer's contact info. I bet he/she would disapprove of your excessive leisure during the work day.

PS: I took today off!

Willard Teevens
Woodstock, ON

Anonymous said...

Further to this "Soccer Stupidity" release from the CTF:

As our roads crumble, crime proliferates, and poverty continues, even a good lefty should recognize tax dollars shouldn't be going to this type of initiative.

Chad Moats said...

Actually, David, I read your article on property taxes and whole heartily agree. It is time for the municipalities to stop whining for more government money but the only way for this to happen is if provincial governments get off their butts and reform the Municipalities Act, to allow for more flexibility in raising revenues and decreasing the load on the property taxpayer.
Did you know that a 0.5% municipal sales tax in Regina would raise more then all the property taxes, currently raise. Property Taxes are regressive, they punish widowed old ladies who's house's value has increased beyond her income. Yet, she is punished for this and must sell her house and move into a condo.

Anonymous said...

Changing the subject eh Mr. Moats??:)

I guess it is Friday.

I'll be honest, this property tax stuff is over my head sometimes. I do know that the Current Value Assesment in Ontario is unfair as your taxes go up based on the value of your home, but I won't really benefit from increased valued until I sell.

I sympathize with the little old ladies that are affected by this as Mr. Moats has pointed out - it really isn't fair.

My home in Woodstock, where property values aren't sky-high still increase by astronmical amounts. I assume it is the same throughout Canada.

My uncle in eastern quebec had his property taxes go up because he painted his house - talk about disincentive to make your property look nice; maybe i'll stop cutting my grass to see if my rates go down.:)

I am out now: Good weekend to all the blog readers!


David MacLean said...

We all know what a great investment olympics are.

Shawn said...

Anyone reminded of the Simpson's monorail episode??

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