Sunday, October 09, 2005

London garbage rotation and Suzuki-style propaganda

Hilarious outrage over at London Fog.

Londoners looking to print the calendar will find they'll need to replace their ink cartridge and replenish their supply of paper 17 pages later. The overpaid managers have decided that environmental propaganda is more important than the life of a small forest of trees. In addition, the format of the calendar forces residents to find a place for it on their wall, thereby making garbage an integral part of the decor.As I've said before, the rotating schedule does nothing but create confusion for Londoners looking to put out their trash:

We wouldn't need a schedule if garbage pickup was the same day, once a week, according to zone, like it used to be. The rotating schedule that we have now does nothing to reduce landfill, as people simply hold onto their garbage for an extra day or two. The current system only serves to confuse Londoners and employs useless bureaucrats who are paid to design and deliver David Suzuki style propaganda at the public's expense.

And I remember a time when you could print off one sheet of paper for your zone, displaying all the months of the year. Then, the year I actually received a calendar in the mail, I found I could tack it on the fridge with a high powered magnet. Now, I am expected to make another hole in the wall in order to display the calendar promoting the upcoming four container household limit. Let's get excited everyone and jump up and down and scream! More unnecessary regulations - yip-eee!

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