Thursday, October 20, 2005

Liberals plan on broad-based tax cuts

The best news we've heard all week. I'm sure the NDP can do one better? How about the conservatives? Bring on the bidding war.


Tommy Douglas said...

For those of us with a low tolerance for corruption (the NDP have a very high tolerance), there could at least be a bright side to the liberals winning again -- lower taxes.

Alof the fisherman said...

Though the Lie-beral's are corrupt, lying, cheating thieves one can always count on them for one thing. To break any promise made!!! Before, during or after an election, remember their abolish the GST promise?

David MacLean said...

I will never forget that promise. Sigh.

Foobius said...

They are talking about a three-way split of surpluses to spending, debt reduction, and prosperity refunds. Now tax cuts.

Using the estimation of 15 million taxpayers, a one billion dollar tax cut, without progressive rates and all that nonsense, works out to 66 dollars per taxpayer.


Meaningful tax cuts cannot come without spending cuts. As if that will ever happen.

And remember: A 66 dollar tax cut will be countered with a 100 dollar increase in EI premiums.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Did you have to link us to MacLeans? Now I will have to disinfect my computer. :)

Justthinkin said...

ummmmm...I see tommy douglas is well named...another socialist nutcase who believes liars,thieves and psychopaths.

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