Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Is conservatism dead?

Many readers of the CTFs blog may be aware last week the National Post printed a six-part series asking "is conservatism dead?"

Canada's conservative party - under its many different names - has certainly gone through many tials and tribulations to determine what its policies and identity are.

Similar trials and tribulations have occured abroad. The British conservative party has undergone 4 leadership elections in 8 years. So this begs the question, "is conservatism dead?"

Read more about how the British Tory party is evloving.


Union Member said...

I sure hope so but seriously doubt it. Fiscal Conservatism could be as most "conservatives" are liberal fiscally. Socially, I hope so but this side seems to be growing. (IE. Intelligent Design).
Go Secularism !

Shawn said...

Fiscal conservatism ebbs and flows. When a country hits a state of near crisis, fiscal conservatism becomes very popular as it is the way out. Unfortunately, once the crisis has been deflated, politicians veer back towards the wasteful spending practices which initiaited the problems in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Conservatism is not dead nor will it ever be. There will always be sane heads though they will not always prevail. Real conservatism compromises itself by allowing some within its ranks (not real conservatives) to try adopt policies that are too close to center in order to try to attract votes. For the betterment of all these people should be honest and declare themselves to be what they are. Liberals. The real conservative movement is better off without them. Carole Jamieson is a perfect example. The overly religious right should not scare anyone. There are enough sane heads in the conservative movement to suppress the really "far out" ones.

Anonymous said...

why is the CTF vouching for the tories? I don't understand. Shouldn't it be independent so that no matter who is in governement they are out there? what is with the support for conservatism all of a sudden????

John Murney said...

Conservativism is a necessary force, to provide balance to the Western world.

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