Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hurricane Kashechewan

In other countries it takes hurricanes or earth quakes to necessitate military-issued water purification systems. In Canada, it's a day-to-day problem.

How many wake-up calls will it take before Canadians take notice and demand real reform -- not the Paul Martin kind -- we mean REAL reform.

Where are the social justice advocates? They spend more time protesting against globalization and foreign wars than they do the lack of human rights on Indian reserves. I guess our Indian populations don't have ne sais quoi.


Anonymous said...

The indians have to take MOST of the responsiblity for this problem if indeed it REALLY is the problem they say it is.

Horny Toad

Anonymous said...

How about liberal governments taking some of the blame for paving a road to hell with their "good intentions" over the last several decades: remember that generations have been born into this, and you could ahve been born into it too, Horny. I blame government (lileral and their partners in Indian government) for creating a culture of entitlement and dependancy.

Anonymous said...

The indian bands get gobs of money that the feds have NO say in how its spent. So the chiefs and councils spend it on things they think they should, like a condo in Hawaii for example and nice fazncy trucks and trips to Vegas.Meanwhile there isn't enough money to do the necessary things. So they complain to Ottowa that their water system is broken so there will be more money sent OR someone else will fix it.
And it turns out that the sickness involved here isn't even due to the water system. Its due to their unhealthy dirty living conditions THAT THEY BROUGHT ON THEMSEVES.

But I do agree that the whole mess is the fault of the feds in the first place for creating and perpetuating the system.

Horny Toad

Anonymous said...

And what they have done to reserves, some would apply to the entire country. (btw, this water problem is not unique to reserves; many rural Sk communities are in the same boat) The problem with reserves is socialism, and it's the same problem, to a lesser extent, for Sk and Canada in general. All this stuff about "from each according to abilities and to each according to need" etc... sounds real nice, but it didn't work on reserves, or in Cuba, or in the Soviet Union. It only works in classrooms, or for a short period of time, until it inevitably collapses because it is not economically natural and because of corruption.
Does anyone think that reserves make any economic sence? Well, they don't, and tax dollars are used to perpetuate the misery. Think any corruption ensues as a result?

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Anonymous said...

So the feds are going to move another reserve.Bin there done that never worked before but we will try again, give them all new houses and see how long thwy last. Any bets?
That is Indian history, when the camp gets too dirty move the teepees.
Why doesn't the CBC show the garbage piled up on the reserve.
Doesn't anyone take out the trash!
Who could live in that pile of garbage.
I guess the chiefs family didn't know how to run the modern water treatment plant.

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realcanadian said...

get out of my country you imigrants
we will take back our country! the one you stole from our fore fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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