Monday, October 24, 2005


From the Ottawa Citizen...

According to employment rules for the House of Commons, an employee who resigns after at least 10 years continuous work in an MP's office is entitled to severance worth half of one week's pay for each year of service, to a maximum of 13 weeks.

That includes employees in opposition leaders' offices. Political staffers in ministerial offices, including the Prime Minister's Office, get even more generous severance and don't have to work a minimum number of years in order to be eligible. They get two weeks' pay for each year of service, with no ceiling on the maximum payout.

Treasury Board guidelines for ministerial staff stipulate that severance pay "will be the same for resignation, death, dismissal, lay-off and retirement." On top of that, ministerial staffers are eligible for separation pay, which is paid at the discretion of the minister.


Benny da Lenny said...

Shaky said...

This doesnt actually seem that unreasonable. The pay in those offices is not good and the job security is shit. If you want to attract good people than you have to be prepared to compensate them. Not everyone should work for next to nothing and be scared to go to work each day.

Our capitalist system depends on people have many to consume and purchase goods at private businesses.

David MacLean said...

Shaky, there isn't supposed to be job security in a political job. You play the game you take your chances. To compare a paid political activist with a civil servant is ridiculous.

Gordon said...

Remember Preston Manning, what a joke. He rallied against the Gold Plated pension and then said that
the pressure was just to much and he would have to take it also. Then he took over Stornaway , what a fiscal conservative, yep when it comes to Conservatives we have allot of good role models, either Manning, Mulroney, and Stevei Harper managing to lose all power in the house.

"Preston Manning has fallen from ESR's good graces. Doubtless you heard Manning twist himself into contortions last month over whether he should live in Stornaway, the official residence of the leader of the opposition. The home, if one can call a 30-plus room mansion a "home", has been unoccupied since 1993. The Bloc Quebecois, then in Official Opposition, refused to live there after the last election."

The Surly Beaver said...

Sorry to break it to you old buddy, but these severance packages are on the low side. The rule of thumb for lawsuits for unfair dismissal is that you will receive a months pay for each year of service. So MP's staffers are actually eligible for only a quarter of what they might receive in the private sector.

You also have to bear in mind that unless you work for a Conservative MP from Calgary, or a Liberal MP from Westmount, you can never be certain that you will have a job after the next election.

David MacLean said...

Who said anything about wrongful dismissal?

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