Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Home-ownership on reserves

Well, for almost a decade, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation has been a lone voice advocating for private home-ownership on reserves.

It would appear the federal government is about to undergo a huge "paradigm shift."

It's about time, the federal government began promoting home-owernship as a way to help native reserves prosper. Regretably, the federal government seems to think such an easy thing to implement needs three new levels of bureaucracy.

Check out what the CTF has proposed for on-reserve housing here.


Shawn said...

About time. Should be beenficial for anyone looking to use collateral to start a business, upgrade their house, etc.

Shawn said...


darcey said...

I don't have a subscription but are you referring to Paul Martins dream of an aboriginal middle class using money he announced last year but didn't use?

Loved your recipe for poverty by the way.

Anonymous said...

Can't have that, it's not the socialist way.

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