Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Government liquor stores a joke

Montreal Economic Institute tells it like it is...

''This point should not hide the positive results that a privatization of the SAQ would produce for Quebec consumers as a whole, with more stores at their disposal and the probable creation of many jobs.''

The Montreal Economic Institute comparison found employment levels in the liquor industry rose considerably in Alberta between 1993 and 1996, going from about 950 full-time positions to 2,904.

These factors, combined with the potential government revenue of a deregulated industry, led Mr. Petkantchin and the institute to conclude the original rationale for government monopoly has been ''lost in the mists of time.''

For Saskies...check the CTF report on liquor privatization. Sigma Analytics found 72 per cent of Sask residents feel government should have no role in selling liquor, or that role should be limited to wholesaling.

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