Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Government-funded stadiums not worth the price of admission

Says Cato...

Games and circuses once were provided by government. How better to satiate the desire of the Roman masses than to entertain them in the Arena?

Today, governments build stadiums to attract sports franchises for the same purpose. But the American masses seem to be tiring of transferring billions of dollars to billionaire team owners.

New York City is beset with wealthy supplicants: Major League Baseball's Yankees and Mets, and the National Football League's Jets all want new stadiums. So do the NFL San Diego. The MLB St. Louis Cardinals did too, before the legislature rejected most of their requested public subsidies.


Ayn said...

Just goes to show government does not belong in any business venture. Look at the entertainment industry. It does just fine without government bailouts. Of course, there's the CBC, but then again, that isn't entertainment as much as indoctrination.

Shaky said...

The majority of these stadium / arena deals are in the US and the voters are too stupid to stop their politicans from using their money. They could either have better services or lower taxes, but instead they get the Carolina Hurricanes.

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