Tuesday, October 18, 2005

CTF targets BC teachers with class action suit

Parents will be able to hold BCTF accountable for illegal strike

VICTORIA: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) announced that it is coordinating a class action suit against the British Columbia Teachers Federation (BCTF).

“Once again, the province is being held hostage by a government union. Over 600,000 students have been shut out of their classrooms, parents are scrambling to find daytime care, and the BCTF continues to flout the law and remain off the job. It’s time taxpayers stood up to these unions and their bullying tactics,” said Sara MacIntyre, BC director for the CTF.
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Affected by the illegal BC teachers strike? Join the CTF class action suit here.

Update: CTF BC director Sara MacIntyre will be on Charles Adler's national show at 2:00 pacific.


Chad Moats said...

Glad the CTF is bringing the worst aspects of American culture to Canada.

Bing said...

Right on CTF! I say sue the daylights out of that law-breaking union. Its about time that unions realized that breaking the law isn't tolerated, and its certainly not an accepted form of bargaining. I think the saddest thing is that these people breaking the law are in a position where they teach children. What sort of example are they setting? This is a sad situation. Go back to work already teachers.

Anonymous said...

Good on the CTF for putting one of the "worst aspects of American culture" to good use in Canada.
The CTF are sure doing more for kids than the BCTF. But then, the BCTF and other public sector unions obviously feel they are above the law. They no doubt long for the good old days when their shills were telling British Columbians that "the government can do anything." Just like back in the USSR.

Shawn said...

So illegal strikes don't deserve stiff repercussions. Perhaps as an alternative measure Campbell could teach them the same lesson as air traffic controllers under Reagan. Seeing the sympathy strike in Victoria, perhaps the city and citizens should do the same thing to the 15,000 who walked off the job. I have no problem with legal strikes, but illegal strikes are a disgrace. Stupid actions like these will do more to bury unions than anything else.

Anonymous said...

Teachers always use students as bargaining chips when they want a raise.

This happens in every province, especially the Teacher's Unions in Ontario which is the Darth Vader of Special Interests.

Teachers pretend to care about students, yet this is hogwash. They just want a raise pure and simple

Teaching used to be a career. Today's teachers see it as a job and sprint to the parking lot even faster than government employees.

Good on ya, CTF.

scott said...

The B.C. teachers better get back to the classroom.
If parents have to look after their own litle darlings who is going to teach then to be good little socialists.

Oh well Ken Dryden can now see a greater need for unionized daycare.

Anonymous said...

Since when is following the law the "worst aspect of American culture?" i find that amusing that Chad Moats thinks that.

There is no need for unions in today's society. I mean, we're not in the roaring '20's anymore. Unions served their purpose, and now its time for them to go the way of the dinosaur.

PA grizzly said...

I think what Chad was referring to was the "class action" lawsuit. He is sneering at the "litigious" nature of american society. He would rather have people helplessly victimized rather than going to court to get some justice done.

I am now convinced. I'm sending a check to the CTF. Like minded individuals have to put money where their mouths are.

The unions have bottomless money bags (courtesy of the taxpayer).

It's going to take a lot to counter that.

Chad Moats said...

Should I list off all the labour strife going on in this country over the last 12 month. Could there be a reason why these people are finally fed up. Why is that anti-unionist always try to point to the worst aspects of human nature as the driving source of labour strife, greed ?
Is because that is your base emotion and outlook. Maybe, it is a product of the capitalism, which is based on what ?
There was a similar time 75 years ago when people had enough and started to stand up for themselves, illegally. They used to send the police to "break-up" the demonstrations. This is a result of imbalances in the social structure of our country. It is much deeper then greed.

Anonymous said...

actually Chad, its a result of ignorance, and a mentality that if you don't get your own way you should continue pouting and crying until you do. Its wrong. its just plain wrong. They are breaking the LAW Chad. And under no circumstances should that be allowed. Would you teach your son to break the law? thought so.

Tommy Douglas said...

Oh...guess the teachers (which are among the best paid in the country) are akin to the exploited coal miners of the 1920s.

I for one would be quite content with a teachers salary and their freaking gold plated pension.

Comparing highly-paid teachers with brand new minivans to the workers in the 1920s is assinine and insult to those workers. It completely discredits you.

Shawn said...

So, if someone feels society is not giving them a "fair deal", it is ok to break the law without fear of consequences? Wow, if that's the standard guess who isn't paying taxes this year?

Shawn said...

BTW, labor strife is up because unions are dying as more people realize the benefits are dramatically outweighed by the costs. Public sector unions are the only ones seeing any growth (albeit small) because of the alternate universe the public sector exists in.

Gordon said...

Keeping it real.

Hey , I found all the red necks. Your right folks should not break valid laws. Ask your hero Gordo to step down, the only serving premiere to spend time is a US jail. He has thumbed his nose at over 8 federal and international laws regarding labour. You folks a very selective memory.
How do you think laws are made folks, does your wife go to work,
vote. Do you have weekends off, proper working conditions.(where do these rights come from) You can vilify all you want but you are the sad tired minority.
Did you see today's Polls, teachers have over 60% support.

I have certain rights that were not given to me but were earned , they are mine and cannot be taken away by a rogue government. Remember Hitler never broke any German laws on the books.

Gordon said...

Keeping it real.

Hey , I found all the red necks. Your right folks should not break valid laws. Ask your hero Gordo to step down, the only serving premiere to spend time is a US jail. He has thumbed his nose at over 8 federal and international laws regarding labour. You folks a very selective memory.
How do you think laws are made folks, does your wife go to work,
vote. Do you have weekends off, proper working conditions.(where do these rights come from) You can vilify all you want but you are the sad tired minority.
Did you see today's Polls, teachers have over 60% support.

I have certain rights that were not given to me but were earned , they are mine and cannot be taken away by a rogue government. Remember Hitler never broke any German laws on the books.

David MacLean said...

Congratulations folks!

We have our first ridiculous hitler reference!

I'll mark this day on my calendar.

Gordon said...

48,000 citizens are now criminals in the eyes of the law, police could legally swarm the picket lines and arrest them and haul them away. JFK said that their are no political accidents, this whole strike is about more private education and breaking a group of people that bring bad policies to light. (we don't have a media)
If we choose to ignore some rights over others we deserve none. When one day you are acting in
a way that is legal and democratic and the next you are a criminal. You either stand up or roll over and die. I know David and others hate unions and do not mind sticking to to them and removing any power they have. But what Davod forgets is this is a dangerous president , in the Phillipines they recently passed a law that disallows any form of protest at the gov leg unless the protest is certified by the standing gov.
Rights were earned and not given, we do not elect dictatiors every 4 years we elect public servants that must look after our needs and must be help accountable when they lose their way.

Gordon said...

Tougher and dumber never work guys. Your way out on the fringe guys , by the way how many
law suits has the CTF taken against the current gov. Oh I see, your just a partisan right wing
think tank. LOL

Hail our moral leader. Let me guess you all love law biding BUSH to. Where is the red neck convention this year guys. Hey Mark check your calendar


Gordon said...

Its hard to believe people like Shawn and Mark even exist. Are you for real or do your work at CTF

melonface said...

Coming from a family with teachers as parents, I have to say that the pension is not "gold-plated," nor is the pay something to brag about. I can recall shopping at Value Village as a child, and my dad spending evenings, weekends, and holidays working on school work that he had to bring home with him. So let's dispell the myth that teachers are over-paid slackers who get 3 months of the year as vacation.

Secondly, sure the teachers are using the students as pawns. But if they are guilty of this, then so is the government! Does the government mention that it is saving approx. $14 million a day in salaries that it doesn't have to pay out?

The CTF... Good old people, probably highly educated (by teachers, perhaps?) showing no gratitude. If this union goes, then so do the rest. This is all well and good now, that our economy is booming in BC, but what happens when there's a bust? What goes up must come down.

And finally, with regards to the law. Since when has it been legal to tear up a contract? Tit for tat, Gordon Campbell. If you're so worried about being "law abiding" why did you drink and drive? If you expect us to look past that indiscretion, maybe you should be willing to look at the will of the tens of thousands of people protesting in the province. Last time I checked, this is a democracy, and a democracy is run by the will of the people, not the will of a party hampered by tunnel vision.

Thanks for listening ;)

PA Grizzly said...

If I hear one more goddam teacher tell me how hard it is to be a teacher I am going to completely lose it.

I was raised by teachers as well. So don't give me that shit. And don't give me "you were taught by a teacher" garbage.

I was taught by teachers who were well compensated for what they do, and, believe it or not, got three months a year off.

I was taught by some great teachers and some crappy teachers. The crappy part is that the crappy teachers make the same salary as the good ones.

And please, spare me the crap about the pension not being great. In this day and age, if you have a defined benefit pension plan that is heavily subsided (and actuarily unsound) by taxpayers then you are goddam lucky.

So spare us all the woe is me teacher garbage. I know the career, and it is a great one.

melonface said...

Thanks for your "angrily worded letter," Pa Grizzly. Not saying teaching isn't a "great career." The issue I was trying to bring up was not a "woe is me," favour the poor teachers rant. The issue that I think is key, is the way in which the government tore up the teachers contract. Should that be legal? And if the government can tear up a contract with no repercussions, what else will they be free to do? I respect that different people have different viewpoints, and I make a point of trying to calmly discuss issues (such as the teachers strike) without resorting to anger-induced name-calling, and issue distorting. Actually, your rebuttal seems rather fitting, in that we are discussing the government, and how it is able to slant the media to print what it deems as favourable (right or not, you decide). I am not saying being a teacher is any harder than any other profession, but that in other professions hardworkers have the benefit of holding contracts.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's give the lawyers more money! Good thinking, CTF. You make George Bush look like a genius.

pete said...

So, the CTF is going to sue the teachers. What have the teachers done to offend the CTF as an organization? Nothing. The CTF is up to its usual publicity stunt as it does a little cheerleading for the BC Liberals. By the way - will the CTF sue Translink for being $1.2 billion over budget on the RAV line? - or does the CTF only rail against unions?

did you hear that noise?? yeah...that was the last of the CTF's credibility slipping away. Have a nice day.

Shawn said...

Actually I am real and I work for myself. I realize that means I should just shut up, pay for everything everyone else wants, and then hope there might be something left for me at the end of the day but I'm kind weird that way. I have this funny idea that while teachers have the right to ask for any wage they want, I should have the option of saying "No thank you."

Ayn said...

Trust it to apologists for law-breaking unions to introduce ad hominem attacks and drag the debate into the gutter. Please, take an anger management workshop, guys, and try to make some sense.

It is ridiculous to compare today's teachers' strike to the suffrage movement. The ladies wanting the vote at the turn of the last century did not use children in their care as pawns in their struggle with the government, which in their day was far less conciliatory to them than the BC govt today is to the BCTF.

What is the BCTF's beef? They are just ticked that they are losing the power to pull the government's strings, which by the way started under the NDP. This is a power hungry union with a hidden agenda (which they aren't bothering to hide very well these days). The BCTF has nothing in common with those who fought for workers' and women's rights in the 20th century. The BCTF is not fighting for equality but for power.

As for the premier's drunk driving charge years ago now, he at least obeyed the law, took his punishment like a man and did his time without complaining. Will the BCTF do likewise, or continue to whine about how unfair life is for them these days?

scott said...

Unions would be fine if they negotiated in good faith and didn't get so greedy. They always talk about working gonditions but the only thing that they really want is cash.
They should keep out of politics
check this link.


Anonymous said...

This strike cannot resolve the systemic issues around the reasons for the unrest and poor result found in BC's Ed system.


Teachers in PG said...

you are suing the BCTF because why? watching the news reports and what parents are saying, they want schools open because their kids are driving them crazy? ROFLMAO I wasnt aware that teachers were supposed to be baby sitting these kids, is that in the school act? I assume some lawyer for the CTF thought this gem up, thse ambulance chasing scum will do anything for the BIG payoff.

johnboyltd said...

the lawsuit is a legitimate way to counter the monopolistic power of the Public sector unions. Lets face it, these clowns have protected jobs, nice pensions and do not have competition for their employment. Unless the government goes to some sort of voucher system or charter school system we will be in this mess every three years.

Anonymous said...

One of the teacher’s big complaints is class size. This has me puzzled as with 38,000 teachers for 600,000 students, my math comes up with 15.79 students per teacher. Am I missing something?

pete said...

Qute "One of the teacher’s big complaints is class size. This has me puzzled as with 38,000 teachers for 600,000 students, my math comes up with 15.79 students per teacher. Am I missing something? "

Yes you are missing something. The BCTF's 38,000 membes include librarians, 'teachers-on-call' or substitute teachers, special needs teachers, phys. ed. teachers, and mic. staff that are not assigned a classroom. I'll also assume that you were using some rough rounding techniques for student numbers, since according to the gov't and bc liberal website, there are approx. "567,523 public school students estimated for 2005-06 – 30,000 fewer than in 2000-01" - which is significantly lower than the 600,000 you quoted..

Anonymous said...

Do you only get to belong to CTF if you're an extreme right wingnut? First of all, to "anonymous" who could be Gordo or Mikey or Shirley for all we know, "The CTF are sure doing more for the kids than the BCTF?" Great! So which ones of you are actual teachers? The BCTF is not some external body. The BCTF is the teachers. The BCTF has done more to ensure that your children, not "kids", are better educated than perhaps even you. As for the discombobulated ramlings of "pa grizzly", I assume it is a "he", he says "unions have bottomless bags of money (courtesy of the taxpayers)." It is the union members, in this case the teachers, who fund the union. Oh, I see where you are headed with this; because the "taxpayers" pay for education, somehow you have the right to determine where the teacher spends that money, right? If I carry your analogy further, that means that I, as a taxpayer, have the right to tell the government where to spend the money that I give them. Well, that list is far too long for here and for this right wing audience.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, the CTF lawsuit is likely to fail because of the Liberals' success in defeating the parents of autistic children. They went to court and argued the government had a duty to provide their children with these services, and the court said no - the government has no duty to provide services.

So how can you sue someone who has no duty to you - isn't that the heart of contract law?

It seems to me that the CTF is more interested in launching its political career than standing up for the "innocents". Maybe Mark Milke will run against Jinny Simms in the next election!

brian said...

This lawsuit is a joke, a joke on anyone who signs up that is. Read the fine print. CTF has a lawyer, aka an ambulance chaser, who will take the case, assuming there is a big pay off and will receive the lion share of any award given.

Read for yourself....

Specifically, the CTF will coordinate and pay for the court application and procedure to be certified as a class action. Once certified, we have a lawyer who is prepared to take the case on a contingency basis. That means, the lawyer would be paid a percentage of any proceeds garnered through the class action.

Interesting that the CTF will NOT be a party to the lawsuit. Thats code for they wont pay for ANY court costs that they have initiated, the dumb asses who sign up will foot the bill!! Read for yourself...

Importantly, the CTF would not be a party to the class action. Only the names of the individuals adversely affected by the illegal strike would be named in the suit; and therefore entitled to any compensation.
However, I must caution that there is risk involved. While the BCTF is in clear violation of the law, there is a possibility that we may not be successful in receiving costs for
damages. If that were to happen, individuals named in the suit could be held liable for legal costs incurred by the defendants (in this case, the BCTF). There is legislation (The Class Proceedings Act) which protects plaintiffs like you from having unreasonable costs awarded against them. Nevertheless, in any litigation, the risk of costs being assessed is a possibility.
We do not know what those potential costs could be. Nor do we know for that matter what the potential compensation could be if we are successful. What we are undertaking is a relatively new area of law and with that, there are no certainties.
Be assured that if the case were unsuccessful we would undertake fundraising efforts on your behalf to cover costs. The CTF can not, however, commit to cover any and all potential costs awarded the defendants in the unlikely event of a loss.

It is interesting how the CTF can easily initiate the class action suit, but wont be held responsibly for any COSTS associated with the lawsuit. They want YOU to bear that cost, the suckers who sign up for this action.

I think CTF should have a class action lawsuit brought against it for fraud and making claims it can not back up!!!!

tommy douglas said...

Those warnings are standard fair for class action suits. Do you really think the case could possible use? It is established that the strike is illegal, and that this is directly harming parents and students. Therefore, the teachers are responsible for damages. And the taxpaeyrs association can't be a complainant, because they aren't directly harmed in this case.

Besides, don't shoot the messenger. Why don't you sue all those parents for fraud?

tommy douglas said...

I meant, how could this case possibly LOSE?

NL-ExPatriate said...

Sue! Teach the teachers a lesson!

Lord knows the parents can't say anything while their kids are being held hostage in fear of reprecussions against their kids.

While your at it cut their subsidized pay by EI and make them work 12 months of the year the same as everyone else.

Our military members can't draw EI even after serving their contract for their country. While teachers get their pay subsidized.

Teachers are only required to work 8 months of the year.

9am to 3pm
sept to dec
Jan to June

Take out
spring break
Summer break

Your left with 8 months give or take.

Anonymous said...

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