Monday, October 03, 2005

CTF takes some flack in Winnipeg

Dust my broom takes out the trash...


Union Member said...

It is about time someone called the CTF on its intolerance and racist undertones. The type of state , they are proposing, is based completely on social darwinsim and is a farce,look at history.

David MacLean said...

Intolerance [sic] and racist? Sorry to tell ya, the status quo is intolerant and racist.

Adam Taylor said...

While ordinary aboriginals live in squalor under the reserve system, isn't it funny how those who see something wrong with this are called intolerant and racist?

Basically, what you are saying is that the current system is A-OK, and that is the real shame.

Union Member said...

Hey Dave, who is this status quo ?
Is it the CTF ? It certainly isn't unions or social democrats. As your group, and others of the same stripe, have managed to brain wash everyone,even the poor. That $50 a year in their pockets is more important then any public service and that union memebers areover paid and useless. Shouldn't people make a living wage ? or should we add to the list of working poor ? What about minimum wage ? not even enough to support a family, and the CTF would have it abolished, Show me a country with no minimum wage where wages have increased and doesn't live in abject poverty(the majority).
I never said the reserve system doesn't need reform. This discussion was about urban reserves and tax exception. Get your arguement straight.Which leads me to the irony of an anti-tax group advocating someone pay their "fair-share" of taxes. Hmmm... could it be because they are native ?
Should Choice be ONLY for the WEALTHY ?

David MacLean said...

I guess I missed the memo that said the CTF supports misery.

And, what you DID say was that the CTF is racist and intolerant. When you can't counter the argument, you murder the messenger. You aren't the first and you won't be the last.

Fill your boots.

Shawn said...

Much better to follow the USSR's, North Korea, and Cuba down the road to hell paved with good intentions.

Union Member said...

Why not trying to answer the questions?

Union Member said...

You may not "support misery",personally, but the policies that your "group" advocates will create misery. Therefore, if the "boot" fits.

David MacLean said...

Lower taxes, less waste and accountable government will lead to misery? Geez, I better re-think this whole CTF gig!

tommy douglas said...

Wow...I see union member is taking another sick day! Always on mondays on fridays, aren't they?

Union Member said...

Und sie ?

Union Member said...

Hey Dave still waiting for you to answer those questions.
Here they are AGAIN.
Who is this status quo ?
Is it the CTF ?
Shouldn't people make a living wage ?
Should we add to the list of working poor ?
What about minimum wage ?
Should Choice be ONLY for the WEALTHY ?

The Surly Beaver said...

I'll gladly answer your questions.

1. The status quo is liberal/NDP welfare statism

2. Therefore the CTF isn't the status quo.

3. Our wages would go a lot farther if we didn't pay about 40% of them to the government. We'd have more money, and goods/services would be cheaper.

4. I do not understand your question. Is there a list of working poor somewhere? Who has that list? What is it for? Please make sense.

5. What about minimum wage? Well, what about it? I don't see any point in raising it, when the government could achieve the same ends by cutting taxes on lower income people.

6. Everyone has choices. Unless you are a Calvinist.

Union Member said...

1. Status Quo is subjective, I see it as corporatist interests.

2. Therefore the CTF is the status quo.

3. Sure if your not making $10/hr>, otherwise, the loss in funding to the programs you rely on has a greater impact then the extra $50/week.

4.See Stats Can, there you will find statistics that will show numbers of residents in Canada living in poverty, it also breaks down into employed. That's the list.

5. Yes, people making less is always better. I believe that every generation should have a better life then the previous one. You would takes us back 75 years. Let's have another depression.

6. The limitation of these choices, especially essentials to existence, are dependent on ones level of wealth.

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