Wednesday, October 05, 2005

CTF delivers 35,000 gas tax petitions to Harper

Ottawa: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) continues to speak out on the issue of high gasoline taxes. Today on Parliament Hill, federal director John Williamson unveiled 35,000 gas tax petitions calling on the federal government to cut gas taxes by 5 cents a litre. Last October, the CTF delivered 65,000 petitions to John Godfrey, Minister of State (Infrastructure and Communities). Another 50,000 gas tax petitions were presented to Paul Martin, then-Minister of Finance, in 2000.

“Because the prime minister and his finance minister say they will not cut the gas tax, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation opted to deliver the gas tax petitions to the Conservative Opposition,” stated Mr. Williamson. “We want to turn taxpayer anger over gas prices into voter anger at Ottawa’s gas tax gouging. The Liberals are not listening to the cries from Canadians to tax them fairly at the pumps.”


Union Member said...

Good idea, let's put further strain on a supply short market. What do think will happen ? Econ 101

Smarter than You said...

Try Econ 102. Gasoline consumption patterns don't change overnight. People still have to get to work and heat their homes.

In the short term, five cents less will have a minimal impact on demand, but a big impact on the amount of funds needlessly being transferred from consumers to government.

Union Member said...

Yeah the extra $5 a week is going to be such a windfall. Maybe I'll buy some lottery tickets !
I still think we need to lower demand not increase it and it looks like gas consumption is changing quite drastically, go to a gas station , lately. What once every 2 weeks ?
Alternative fuels need to be brought market quickly and the government should expedite it, through subsidies and taxes on vehicles, to insure the market gives the auto industry the push it needs.
So your school must have called micro -101 and macro -102, not all schools do you know.

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