Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Consultant to leave no paper trail

The CTF has long advocated shining a light on the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs as a way to increase accountability.

The Department of Indian and Northern Affairs is currently under fire for signing a $132,000 contract with a consultant that specifies the firm must leave no paper trail in government offices.

If the federal government continues to get away with signing contracts like this, it will have to be a very bright light.


Shawn said...

Wow, obviously nothing wrong with that setup. This appears to be a license to abuse the public purse, not as though that has happened much of late. I guess the departments are just "following the leader".

Anonymous said...

My guess is that this is just the first of many such contracts that will be brought to light. Sadly, though, to the people who vote for the Liberals, this is just good business, and for those of us who don't vote Liberal, after the next election this will be business as usual.

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