Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"Class action catching on"

From the Campbell River Mirror:

Canadian Taxpayers' Federation B.C. director Sara MacIntyre reports that by late last week more than 600 parents had signed up to join a class-action lawsuit against the B.C. Teachers' Federation. According to lawyer Bruce Hallsor, specific costs incurred by each plaintiff would have to be documented to determine what each one paid as a direct result of the illegal strike.

Given that a $500,000 fine is chump change for this quasi-monopoly union whose members are compelled to join and pay dues, this lawsuit may do its part to level the playing field. More information is available at


Chad Moats said...

Shouldn't the BC Dept of Education, also, be a defendant since they are half responsible for the mess ?
By the way David, How many days of work did you miss last year ?

David MacLean said...

Chad, how many days did you ACTUALLY work last year? It seems to me you troll the CTF blog 24 hours a day.

Chad Moats said...

Wireless David.

Chad Moats said...

and why will you not answer the question ?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Moats,

Not to discourage your right to free speech, but go hug a tree man.

You are obviously on here just to be a stick in the spokes, just like your alter-ego 'union member'

You are clearly ideologically aligned with big government and special interests and this is your right, but as you can see this blog is mostly for people who are opposed to the destructive ideology you support.

You can't expect to know things about the CTF's staff without first supporting the CTF.

As I donate to this organization, and call myself a proud supporter (I vote with my cheque book) I am entitled to such information.

This sick day question is obviously keeping you up at night - may i suggest a Gravol to help you sleep? There are generic versions available since you are a hater of big business, and may rather support the little player in the nausea/cold/flu drugs market.

If Sask. is so good, why do all those young people leave? ( I only assume you are from there, given your incessant badgering of Mr. MacLean, who, by my quick glance at the CTF main website is but one employee of this org, but definitely it's SK spokesperson.

The Sask. study i read on said the avg. was 9 sick days a year. That is very high. I doubt Mr. MacLean took anywhere near that, so lay off. Surely there are other things to discuss - you've been going on for days about this, like some obsessed freakazoid.

Wireless or not, I doubt your employer would approve of your laziness and ADD. I really hope you don't operate heavy machinery (for your own safety) or work in any type of service industry (for the masses sake)

What do you do? Perhaps you could offer me your employer's contact info, and i'll ask him or her myself? Thank you Mr. Moats.

Willard Teevens
Woodstock, ON

Josef said...

Sara MacIntyre is a hero - I need say no more!

Go HERE, HERE, and HERE for some posters to support her and her mission!

Go HERE to join the class action... and help make North American history by stopping illegal witholding of services from taxpaying parents and their children! It's not like taxpayers can go join a picket line, eh?

jazzdude said...

Sara MacIntyre is your hero?

What a pathetic choice of a hero.

I support public education as a democratic right for all Canadians, and here in the province of BC, I support the teachers who stood up to this neo-Liberal bunch with the courage of their convictions.

I do not support the CTF. We all should see it as simply a tool being used against democracy. Wake up Mr. Teevens.

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