Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Better Life for Indians

Below is an exerpt from a column written by the CTF's Centre for Aboriginal Policy Change's director.

"Canadian taxpayers spend about $10-billion each year for federal and provincial programs aimed at natives. But there is little to show for all that spending: Many reserves continue to exhibit high levels of unemployment, substance abuse and poverty. In some cases, living conditions resemble those in the Third World -- such as at the Kashechewan Reserve on the shores of James Bay, which is now being evacuated by the Ontario government because of contaminated drinking water."

The entire column is available in today's National Post or click here.


scott said...

Most communities of equal size would love to have that water treatment plant provided by the gov't but would probably make sure the treatment was done properly by trained personel.
Giving the good jobs to friends and family does not produce the best results.
Our govenments do it so why can't the chief.
Maybe picking up the trash and dirty pampers would help the water supply.

David MacLean said...

Scott, I think it's a good idea to avoid using the rusty scalpel of stereotype.

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