Friday, October 14, 2005

BC: Natives fined for illegal fishing

From the Vancouver Sun:

FRASER VALLEY - Several members of the Cheam Indian band in the FraserValley have been fined in Surrey Provincial Court on charges related to illegal fishing and illegal possession of salmon, in a high-profile and physical confrontation with the federal fisheries department following a closure intended to protect stocks in 1999.

Judge Howard Thomas fined Arthur Aleck $1,000 on one count, Mark Giroux $1,100 on five counts, Darwin Jason Douglas $1,000 on two counts, Todd Kenneth Wood $500 on one count, Kelly Blaine McCabe $100 on one count,Gary Phillip Victor $100 on one count, Leonard James McKay $100 on onecount, Frederick William Quipp $500 on one count, Howard Glen Victor$100 on one count, and Kirby Edward Hourie $700 on four counts.

The judge said the heavier fines reflected the fact that several of the natives had prior convictions on charges related to unlawful fishing or possession of salmon. Mark Giroux and John Darren Rampanen were also handed four-month conditional sentences for assaulting a federal fisheries officer. "It is one thing to peacefully protest the enforcement of a law which the protester considers immoral or unjust," Thomas said in his judgment. "It is a very different thing to add the element of violence to such a protest. "There have been a number of protest fisheries on the Fraser River and they will no doubt continue as various groups try to assert and define their rights, but the law must deter protesters from resorting to violence, and violence in a protest requires denunciation by the courts. "


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It's about time!

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How is this a tax issue or an issue of interest for the CTF ?

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