Thursday, October 27, 2005

Band council putting money in their own pockets

A recent report indicates that some council members of the Labrador Innu community of Natuashish have pocketed some of the bands operating funds for themselves.

Unbelievably the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs says they cannot intervene.

This is yet another example as to why the CTF's recommendation for an Ombudsman for Aboriginal Affairs must be implemented.


Anonymous said...

How much of this stolen money ends up in the LPC'S bank account?

Shawn said...

The absence of accountability is a blank check for embezzlers no matter the ethnic group. CTF's rx's on cutting cheques to the individuals and then having councils tax them is on the money. Nothing gets a person madder than realizing exactly how much they are getting shafted by the government(Martin et al or more local gov'ts).

David MacLean said...

I wonder what the chief makes for a salary. I would hazard a guess that he makes 10 times what the average resident makes. And this does not trouble anyone. Maddening.

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