Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Welcome aboard, Saskatchewan Party

The Official Opposition is following our lead on gas taxes, even though they don't want to admit it...

Wall also joined with the Canadian Automobile Association in calling on the federal government to end its 1.5 cent a litre "deficit reduction" gas tax and stop the practice of applying the GST as a "tax on tax" on gasoline.

"Preferably, the federal government would drop the GST on gas altogether, but if they won't do that, at least they can start applying the GST to the pre-tax price only," Wall said. "That change, coupled with getting rid of the so-called deficit reduction tax, would drop the gas price by another three cents a litre."

CTF policy (six years running):

It is time Ottawa ended its gas gouging. This can be accomplished with three easy steps. First, Ottawa should end its GST/HST tax-on-tax bite. This will lower the price, on average, by 1.5 cents a litre. Next, scrap the deficit elimination tax, which will save another penny and a half. Lastly reduce the federal levy by 2 cents, bringing the total saving to motorists to 5 cents a litre.”

Better late than never, and you know what they say about imitation.

Link to CTF coverage on gas taxes.


Anonymous said...

Just more smokescreen to protect the outrageous gouging and looting by the oil companies -

John Murney said...

David, how much difference do you estimate the SP proposal will make if implemented, in terms of dollars and cents?

Anonymous said...

Gouging and looting by the oil companies? I didn't realize that charging more for a litre of bottled water was allowed, but for gas companies to charge what the world market price is was gouging.

I'm so tired of people complaining about the big bad oil companies. How about don't drive then? I mean, i don't eat lobster because its too expensive, but you don't hear me complaining about the looting of the big bad fisherman!

give me a break anonymous. buy a bike.

Amanda Gribsly said...

I agree with the above, any person who willingly spends 1.79 for a litre of bottled water, and then complains about paying 1.13 for a litre of gas better get a clue.

When will people realize how beautiful it is to have the freedom to choose not to drive? if you don't like paying for gas, then don't, but stop whining to the government to make things better for you. Its quite pathetic really.

Anonymous said...

Story in Globe and Mail
"The Canadian Press said Monday a Leger poll suggested 49 per cent of respondents want petroleum resources nationalized while 43 per cent said they would like to see the same fate for gas companies. The Leger Marketing telephone survey of 1,500 people was conducted between Aug. 24 and Aug. 31, much of it before the major effects of Hurricane Katrina were felt.

Canadian gasoline prices jumped about 25 cents a litre since the storm hit the U.S. Gulf Coast a week ago Monday.

Quebecers were the strongest supporters of resource nationalization at 67 per cent, followed by residents of the Atlantic provinces at 53 per cent, Ontarians at 45 per cent and British Columbians at 42 per cent."

reasoned_approach said...

from the Toronto Sun:

"WHO'S WORSE? Common petty looters, or greedy corporate looters?

Both are scum of the Earth for profiteering from the pain and suffering of Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters to hit the U.S. Gulf Coast.

No sooner did the deadly storm winds strike, closing down eight refineries that represent 10% of U.S. capacity, than the looting began.

Thieves bagged stolen goods from ruined homes and stores, while a greedy oil cartel seized yet another opportunity to line its pockets.

In speculation of the disaster, New York futures traders pushed oil prices to record highs of $70.85 US a barrel. Record-profit oil giants then made the phone call to their service stations, and pump prices skyrocketed to $1.30 a litre and beyond. "

Shawn said...

Yes, nationalizing oil resources would be an excellent way of speeding Canada's descent into a third-world ruin. Unfortunately, this is a disturbing reality, what with our non-existent property rights.

Regarding the point that 49% like the idea of nationalizing oil co.'s. What do you think the percentage would be if the question was

" I think it would be fun if my neighbor paid all my bills for me?"

Just goes to show the short memories and greedy, grasping nature of so many in society, especially those who puport to speak for the common good. In reality, such policy would be little more than economic cannibalism. A better argument for strong property rights could not be made.

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