Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Waste watch: Volpe's expensive ontario deliberations

Warren in Edmonton makes this observation:

"Did you know that in the period between Mar. 3 and May 17 - a period of 75 days, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, the Hon. Joe Volpe held 10 lunch and dinner meetings to discuss "Toronto" issues at a cost of $1443. During the same 75 days, he also held 15 lunches and dinners to discuss "Ontario" issues at a total cost of $3616.84. It should be noted that no other lunch or dinner meetings were held to discuss any other province's issues.

So, in a 75 day period, a Minister spends over $5000.00 (5059.00 to be exact) and all for the purpose of discussing Ontario. As an Albertan I have to wonder when will he come discuss some Alberta issues, but as a Canadian, i'm a little shocked and disturbed. So much for making sure the rest of Canada has their immigration issues looked after. "

The challenge: Go through the mountains of travel, booze and meal expenses charged to taxpayers by hundreds of politicians and mandarins that are listed here. Find the waste, look for conflicts, identify questionable expenditures. Take a moment to jot down your thought and email them to me. All of the worthwhile submissions will be posted here. The best submission, as determined by FFT contributors, will receive a copy of Tax Me I'm Canadian! and a free subscription to the Taxpayer magazine.

You can also post observations in comments.


Anonymous said...

Thats ridiculous! Out of curiosity I went to check out Volpe's expenses, and holy crap, that guy sure likes to eat out for lunch and dinner. Hey Minister, ever hear of a "brown bag session?" its called, bring your own lunch!

Anonymous said...

Dingwall today, Volpe tommorrow?

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