Thursday, September 01, 2005

Splitting hairs

From the Kenora Daily Miner:

Some groups, like the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, have started a lobbying campaign aimed at getting governments to reduce their take to lower the burden on consumers. But calls on holding the line on taxes are coming from an unlikely source, the provincial Progressive Conservative transportation critic.

John O’Toole said the provincial government should not have to roll back the 14.7-cent flat rate it collects at the pump. O’Toole points out that the province doesn’t benefit from higher gas prices because their take doesn’t increase when the price goes up.“It doesn’t matter if the price is 80 cents a litre or over a dollar a litre, the province still gets the same amount,” O’Toole said.

The provincial coffers could even be hurt by a price increase if people react to the high prices by reducing consumption.


“It’s the federal government who should be cutting (taxes),” O’Toole said.

OK...let's do away with this "our take doesn't increase with the price increases" nonsense. Why can't O'Toole understand that it makes no difference. Bottom line is people are feeling the hurt with gas prices, and the province should help out by not skimming as much of our gas money.


Anonymous said...

Details on major Oil Companies gouging of consumers here:
Not all of the looting is in New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

When oil companies gouge (which they are), the federal government automatically gouges as well due to the GST/HST. The GST has to be completely removed from gas prices, not just from the excise tax portion.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to see if ANY of the big oil companies with their big profits have donated to hurricane relief for New Orleans and Mississippi?

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