Monday, September 12, 2005

Sask: NDP trying to sell pulp mill

The province is trying to sell off Meadow Lake Pulp, which would close the book on the biggest boondoggle in Saskatchewan history.

Problem is, it's not exactly a seller's market.



David MacLean said...

"But wait a second," somebody asks. "Wouldn't selling of a company that is part of the governments "portfolio" of investments amount to privatization?"

"Great question, and I'm glad you asked," says I.

"No, in this instance it would not be deemed by the government as privatization. This would be seen as "monetization of an underperforming asset" or some such nonsense."

Len Pryor said...

Could this possibly be a beginning trend in Sask? Is someone in the gummint running a fever? will heads roll?

darcey said...

Sad case - they had all the newest modern equipment and some of the finest people in the industry. Only the gov could mess it up - all the other OSB mills in Canada have been printing money for almost three years.

Shawn said...

Nothing like government interference to run a project into the ground. Perhaps cabinet should have to start personally securing some of these sweetheart loans, in case they go bad. That way they won't have to stay up nights crying over the taxpayer dollars they have wasted.

Anonymous said...

The NDP will eraticate any growing industry that may elevate quality of life in this province. Like Stalin, "keep the people hungry and desperate. Smash all hope of improvememt and foster fear. This equals control." This seems to echo the buisness ethic of the Sask NDP Gov. I changed my mind this is the NDP in all actions they take.

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