Friday, September 16, 2005

Sask: CTF picking up the garbage

Striking city workers touched off a bit of a firestorm by placing a bag of garbage on top of the I Love Regina sign in front of city hall. I drove down and grabbed the garbage, put it in my car and drove it to the dump.

When I told the people managing the dump what I was up to they let me drop off the garbage for free.

The funniest part was I was live on CJME at the dump when I dropped it off. The unions say they were making a statement by leaving the garbage on top of the sign. I think we made a bigger statement.


Shawn said...

No police around to charge them with littering?

David MacLean said...

Perhaps none that will cross a picket line. I actually never thought of the fact that littering is actually illegal.

Shawn said...

Probably about $500 fine. That's a fair bit of money when you're on strike pay.

Anonymous said...

Weren't you trespassing when you climbed on the sign to remove the garbage?
Leave the garbage where it lies, it provides a cozy habitat for vermin.

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