Monday, September 19, 2005

Questions arise over Winnipeg's urban reserve proposal

From the Winnipeg Sun:

A Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) aboriginal affairs analyst -- who has long questioned the accountability behind the establishment of reserves in urban areas -- suggested the Roseau River housing situation should convince the 'Peg's municipal officials to take a hard look at any deal they're about to make.

"Regardless of where it's located or what you call it, a reserve is a reserve," Tanis Fiss told The Sun from the CTF's Calgary office.

"It's a leadership and accountability issue, regrettably, the way the native reserve system is set up. There are no opposition parties. There's no one standing up for the common man, the common citizen."

Mayor Sam Katz refused to comment directly on whether the rural reserve's internal dispute would prompt him or other city officials to think twice about striking a deal with Nelson for the old Packers property.

Katz pointed out he hasn't seen the homes or talked to their owners about the conflict, so he shouldn't wade into the spat.


Shawn said...

Heaven forbid he do anything approaching due diligence on potential land purchasers. It continues to amaze me how politicians are reluctant to criticize chiefs who srew over their own people.

Brandy said...

I really do hope that the City FINALLY stops listening to people who are so narrow mined as Shawn is. I really think it about time that the First Nation peoples of Manitoba put the pressure on Urban Reserves. If the First Nations people want an Urban Reserve, then there is going to be one in the near future. The City does not have a chioce in the matter, due to the treaty rights that were sighned and our inherent right to Treaty Land Entitlements.


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