Thursday, September 29, 2005

Public Accounts of Canada 2005

The 2005 Public Accounts of Canada were released today.

The cumulative EI surplus: $48.5-billion

National Debt: $499.8-billion

Gas Tax Revenue: $5.054-billion
(excluding GST)

Total GST collected in 2005: $29.8-billion

Total Personal Income Tax Collected: $98.5-billion

For more information, access the Public Accounts here.


Union Member said...

Wow that EI surplus should go to increasing the benefits. Increase the weekly amount, weeks entitlement, etc.

Shawn said...

As an employer, I would be happy to get say 0.2 of my 1.4x back. Unfortunately, my guess is that it has already been allocated to some white elephant (or herd of same) like the gun registry or regional economic development.

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