Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Props from the Ottawa Sun

The Sun likes our long-term proposal for helping cope with rising energy costs.

One suggestion that should be considered as a more far-reaching, practical solution comes from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. John Williamson, federal director, said a better way to put money back into taxpayers' pockets would be to increase the basic personal income tax exemption -- now at $8,000 -- to $15,000 by 2010, and to bring down personal income tax rates across the board, not just for lower-income Canadians.

Not only would this bring our personal taxation rates more in line with those of other developed countries, it would give consumers a little more wiggle room when it comes to sudden, unavoidable expenses.

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Shawn said...

Much better than returning money they have already taken once. Saves the expense of calculating and cutting all those cheques. Also, the Laffer curve kicks in to boot. Lower taxes leads to better economy.

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