Thursday, September 22, 2005

NCC on Layton's Law

From Gerry over at the NCC...

Plus by trying to push this bill, Layton is implicitly saying there will soon be a demand for private health care – else why would you need this law?

And the reason there will be a demand for private health care is because Canadians are sick and tired of second-rate service, of waiting for eight months to get certain kinds of treatment.

Yet Layton would rather Canadians suffer or die than admit that socialist health care isn’t working.

What’s next?

Is he going to propose a ban on anyone going to the United States for health care treatment?


Shawn said...

Jumpin' Jack should be forced to to live in total accordance with the rules he is trying to impose on others for two years prior to their coming into effect. Ironically, the greatest disaster that can befall a socialist is to actually achieve their goals.

John Murney said...

It is easy to be a socialist when you are rich.

panelsmasher said...

where is ol' tommy douglas when they need him. . . DEAD, ROTTING, and SPINNING I HOPE!!!

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