Monday, September 26, 2005

Join the army of waste watchers!

Since we began this weblog a few months ago we've seen our readership steadily increase. All weblogs have a purpose. Ours, of course, is to advance the cause of lower taxes, less waste and government accountability.

Now that so many of you come back and visit, it's time to put all of you to work. The CTF works hard to uncover waste and publicize it. What if...just imagine if all our readers were also doing the same thing? We think that no stone would go unturned.

Our challenge: Go through the mountains of travel, booze and meal expenses charged to taxpayers by hundreds of politicians and mandarins that are listed here.

Find the waste, look for conflicts, identify questionable expenditures. Take a moment to jot down your thought and email them to me. All of the worthwhile submissions will be posted here. The best submission, as determined by FFT contributors, will receive a copy of Tax Me I'm Canadian! and a free subscription to the Taxpayer magazine.

Now stop reading and get to work.


Anonymous said...

How about a challenge Dave?
I mean, finding waste in the Liberal government is like looking for garbage at the dump. Its everywhere and hard to determine which trash is which.

I wonder how much money the Libs would waste if they were all forced to move out of their parents basements and actually spend their own money?

David MacLean said...

Well, nobody said it was easy. Give it a shot!

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