Thursday, September 08, 2005

If you pay them, they will come...

Did you hear the terrible news? (subsciber only)

No, not about Huricane Katrina. No, not about the war in Iraq.

Alberta book publishers are leaving town because the Alberta government isn't writing them big enough cheques from taxpayers.

Apparently some (Dennis Johnson - publisher of Red Deer Press & Ruth Linka - president of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta) think that those businesses that fail in Alberta should be rewarded with our tax dollars...interesting.

I wonder if these same people would like to donate a few of their tax dollars to help prop up adult video stores that might shut down because of poor sales. Or perhaps they would like to see their taxes raised to help keep this company in business.

Now call me crazy, but if perhaps our corporate taxes were lower these book publishers would be able to keep more of their earnings. And if our personal taxes were lower those who buy books might have a few extra dollars in pockets at the end of the month to...that's books. What a novel idea (bad pun intended).

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Justthinkin said... immediate thoughts on that company was that the Feds should be suing them for copyright infringment!

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