Thursday, September 01, 2005

The feds are "back in the housing business"

Tip of the hat to London Fog for this one

For London, 145 new units will be funded for $10.15 million and supplements for 210 units will amount to another $2.9 million.

Fontana, who's also the federal labour minister and the MP for London-North-Centre, and Ward 7 Coun. Susan Eagle, a housing activist, described the funding as positive but overdue.

"This is good news for London, especially the 400 or 500 families who have been waiting a long time," Fontana said yesterday.

"We're back in the business of housing," he said, noting $24 million has been set aside to fast-track the development of 500 affordable housing units immediately across Ontario.

He noted Ottawa has re-entered social housing after long negotiations with the province. Ontario got out of the social housing business after the Mike Harris-led Conservatives swept to power a decade ago.

Ed: Yeah, because social housing is so effective, don't you know?


Shawn said...

How does the motto "Building tomorrow's slums today" sound? HUD(USA) Canadian-style.

Anonymous said...

I agree Shawn - we should NEVER remove the mandate of private sector slum lords to grow fat and rich off of low income citizens!!

Shawn said...

Anyone with the slightest familiarity with the free-market might realize that it allows people to make choices. If they are recipients of the largesse of the state, those choices might be constrained, but government housing has (from the examples I can recall) been an excellent method of trapping multiple generations of families in crime-ridden neighborhoods. At least with a housing supplement, people could apply some personal preference to where they reside. What's with the hatred towards people earning money by providing a service/product? Where else does tax money (income taxes, GST, PST, etc.) come from to fund these ill-conceived social experiements??

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