Thursday, September 01, 2005

"The CTF is right on this"

You don't say!


Anonymous said...

Will the CTF be as hard on the oil companies who are using the excuse of Katrina to jack up prices and gouge the consumer. I suspect not. Why? Perhaps the old saying 'he who pays the piper calls the tune' fits the silence from the CTF.

David MacLean said...

Actually, we're still waiting for our donation from Haliburton. I'm on the phone right now with Cheney asking him what the heck is going on.

Dick says hi!

Anonymous said...

Since the CTF does not disclose who their contributors are, it would not surprise me. Since you do not hold annual general meetings and since you do not release audited statements who knows who your backers are. Your secretive little organization only knows how to snipe. Phony as a $3 bill!

David MacLean said...

You would not believe how many times we have heard this comment. And I guess a blog is a good place to respond to it once and for all.

This line of questioning orginated with the NDP. I have seen it in back issues of the NDP newsletter. It's also used by union members. Even NDP cabinet minister make these allegations publicly to the media.

Eventually we had enough of it. And we invited NDP Finance Minister Harry Van Mulligen to address our board of directors in Regina. Van Mulligen, in person, treated us respectfully and thoughtfully.

And we even laid out our entire supporter list on a table for him to paruse, an offer that he declined.

To those who bother to get to know us it is common knowledge that we got our start partly as a result of Brian Mulroney and Grant Devine. (Thanks guys!)

Our non-partisan credentials are available for anyone to see at

If we are in the pockets of big business (it certainly doesn't pay well!), we would not be the only voice in Canada speaking out against corporate welfare in any form.

And we wouldn't have made it our number one priority to push for an increase in the Basic Personal Exemption (which was modestly successful -- Your welcome!)

A common tactic is to send an email with a phoney name and pretend to be a potential supporter of the CTF. Then they ask these questions like they think I am going to admit to some vast right wing conspiracy with a nudge and wink.

It's a waste of time. Go shoot some other messenger, or drop by the office and I will show you around and you can see what it's like working in the lap of luxury!

Give me a call, my number is on the website.

That is, if you are really interested in the truth.

This will be the last time I respond to this garbage.

Anonymous said...

Details on Major Oil Company gouging of consumers can be found here:

CTF You Tube Channel

Canadian Taxpayers Federation's Fan Box