Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Burton Cummings Theatre 220,000, Taxpayers 0

The bailout madness continues at Winnipeg City Hall . . .

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TonyGuitar said...

I am with and support the Taxpayer's Federation 100%. On this Topic:-

Well that’s a mixed bag you know. You get people out living life and spending money, keeping all those people working in the stores and restaraunts. Besides, we all love live music concerts. What the hell, if you’re going down, it may as well be while strumming guitars and singing along eh? ‘3s TG

However on the topic of Saving Huge Masses of our National Revenues
I challenge anyone anywhere to suggest anything more effective than Strong Whistle-Blower Protection law.
[Now in debate in the house, in the US Government and at the United Nations]

A Quick grasp can be gained at:

Nothing as effective, Example:

In Nova Scotia a few empoyees risked everything including their jobs to protest and bring attention to funds being diverted from the Children's Protection Ministry.

A consequent study showed they had short staffed that ministry by 133 workers. Is that heartless or what?

When W-B Law actually gains some teeth, the Tax savings will be astronomical. 73s TG

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