Thursday, September 22, 2005

Aboriginal policy change: Ottawa Sun "gets it"

For CTF supporters, this is a must read...

Tanis Fiss, CTF’s expert on Native policy, and John Williamson, federal director of the group, dropped by the Sun’s office this week to sit down with members of our editorial board to discuss the paper and a number of issues relating to life on Canadian reserves.

Some of what she had to say was shocking. Most of her recommendations make perfect sense.

As Fiss pointed out, current federal policy, with few exceptions, is not improving the prosperity of Native Canadians. Study after study illustrates the failure of the aboriginal reserve system.

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len pryor said...

The CTF proposals if implemented would go long way toward eliminating the graft that seems all too common among those in authority on reserves. In my own experience which I admit is not extensive, the rank and file members of the reserves are very suspicious of where the incoming money goes and whether the check is made to an individual in authority or to the Band. Many of the reserve residents see very little opportunity for themselves, and it is due in great part to the manner in which the system is set up. There are many good minds on the reservations that are working the system for all they can get out of it, and who can blame them? They are not stupid people. There are also some people on the reserves who realize the the present system can't go on forever, and that change is needed. Let's all hope that rational heads prevail and that the racial card is not played too often. Therein lies the greatest danger.

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