Sunday, September 04, 2005

Aboriginal officials get house arrest for stealing $2.8 million

From the Leader Post (subscriber only)...

A former chief and two other officials with the Saulteaux First Nation were sentenced Friday to two years of house arrest for plundering $1 million of their own band funds.


The trio also signed cheques for another $1.8 million to friends and relatives in excessive of their legitimate wages.


"I'm very sorry, but I only have my Grade 8 and I didn't understand what I did was wrong. Now I know there are some things I should not do," [Archie Moccasin, former band trustee] said.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Basic morality isn't taught until Grade 9.


John Murney said...

David, do you think this crime warrants jail time?

David MacLean said...

Absolutely. This was TLE money -- money that belongs to all band members that will never come again. Once it is spent, it will never come back. And nobody needs that money more than those band members. It could have gone to new housing, roads, or some basic services. Not any more.

Anonymous said...

What grade do they teach you how to spell "taught" in? I mean "tought?" too funny.

Just ribbing ya Dave, love your comments and insight.

David MacLean said...

Thanks for the heads up. spellcheck!

John Murney said...

No problem David. I agree that jailtime is warranted in this case also.

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