Tuesday, September 27, 2005

10 years of success?

Rick in London, Ontario finds it funny that taxpayers spent $265 to send William Baker, the head of the gun registry, to a conference entitled "Ten years of success: Our foundation for the future" as a guest speaker.

The conference was part of something called "the midle [sic] management development program."

He's right, it is funny.


Anonymous said...

10 years of successfuly ripping- off Canada, especially the West.

Shawn said...

How many people have been prosecuted under this new legislation? Convicted? Has it been of any value in tracking firearms used in the ongoing gang battles in Toronto? Given the overall worthlessness of the initiative, one has to wonder what yardstick these folks employ to define and determine success.

John Murney said...

The gun registry is a scandalous disaster.
Let's get rid of it.

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